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What kind of what I'm assuming you're doing to you? Just you just know it. You've seen it on the sniff. You know, you know, it seems to me that Mahomes has got it. I mean, he he has the ability to have no conscience and also play. You know, smart and he's got physical attributes that don't everybody has, and you know the Aaron Rodgers likability to uncork, throw that you don't expect because you normally don't see a human being throw -able against the body or on the run with a of a hose for an arm like that. You don't see it. So just seeing that you could just see that and Donald. You know, we everything that I see and I'm told, you know. That he's got the mental makeup to succeed and the physical attributes. Also, he just doesn't have a situation like say, Goff or Trubisky or Mahomes. He doesn't have that situation either Barossa wise or coaching staff was Rhys. You like this. This brand of football on today's NFL where maybe we don't have the collisions that we once have, but we certainly have more scoring than we've ever had you like it. And do you think the fans like it? You know what? I, I need to see what it looks like in December right now, I'm not really fun of the the pinball machine type numbers that we're seeing. The fact that that defense like the Vikings can look the way it looked. But then again, like I said, it might just be the Rams better than most. I the game like that. I, I wish that we did see more defense that the rules was a little bit more plight at drives me nuts, rose more, I guess, apply. Towards helping the defensible, but drives me nuts. When you see a play defense off the field, no hold on a minute. There's some sort of a legal contact that was off the screen when you're sitting in watching it drives me nuts and we're seeing more legal contact penalties and three times as much than last year. So the short answer is, no, I don't like it very much, but we'll see what it looks like in December. I do hate parts of that technology being that we're now we can't celebrate a touchdown play because we have to check to see if an evidently there's a flag on a fourth and five that was or wasn't completed. And then we go to replay and it's a hyper examination of whether he was out at the one foot line that part of it's making me nuts. Get us a lot of parsing there really is. And you know to see something like a first down, I guess, taken away from Cleveland last week. Even though Mike per came on my show and said that he could show me three different angles that would back the the referees play. To remove the first down from Cleveland last week and give the ball, make it a fourth down. It just seems to me sometimes that we're over zapruder filming this stuff as opposed to just sticking with a ruling on the field, rich, always good catching up with you. Thank you for making the time. So we are we cool. Everything's good, right? You and may or you in Stu guide me and Stu gods. I mean, it's amazing how many times I looked down at my Twitter feed and people of arming the army army army love that arc using me of spending every waking moment of my professional, if not personal life focused on the stugatz overa- and attempting to steal from it. That's right. So that you figure, yes, they bothering you, or, I mean, let's you know what. It doesn't. It just it just makes me wonder what you're up to a little bit more. I'll be honest. Goodrich. Here's what we say. It's him makes me wonder what your cooking. But what he's cooking is he's got a flag of ignorance, right? It's a poll that doesn't have a flag on it, and he's just got soldier after soldier behind him and he's gonna win. He's going like locus field. He's going to eat all of you just so you know, that sounds like a great fantasy themed name for us to be.

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