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W I s. It's time for rapid traffic. Forty-three southbound slow from that you finish your wallet. Does the thing earlier because I'm behind his normal? I clearly wanted to say more about the sanctuary city, which again, we want to get clear it did get voted down. And the I think that the commentary from the police chief is a big reason why it did get voted down. When he essentially said, you're gonna end up with the police chief that's taking it a court. If you pass this thing, and they were biting off more problems than they may have an -ticipant anything on it. And I need to make clear the audience because we're talking fast here. And if people aren't aware John does live in while we're toast, and has for many many years, and this is why he's been so angry about not only this. But so many of the other liberal things that have happened just in the recent past while, but this is all wake within the last three to four years. I think it started with acted. And I think another factor that occurred was when the residency rule of Milwaukee was dropped of liberals decide who are working for the city, and our government payroll union hacks, moved into WalMart, toast and brought their lefty politics. It's combination and demographics too. You know? The younger younger crowd is definitely part of it. But if anybody hasn't lived in Walla tosa for more than ten minutes, and you don't treasure our police department, and the brilliant job they do of of handling everything. I mean, you can call these people, and they are Johnny on the spot. So. Which is not something we can say in Milwaukee. Right. That's not a criticism of the police department criticism of the fact that we have an overworked police department of the can't respond to all calls. You also have they've done a remarkable job keeping a handle on Mayfair in which all of I mean, you talk about bringing every possible issue of society together. Tremendous affluence. High level experience restaurants, and then people walk it around causing trouble armed robbery carjacking, the whole thing. And they've they've had to keep a handle on that thing is. Well, yes sub. Anyway, anything that would be, you know, just we need chief Webber right where he is. And listen to the man he's he knows what he's talking about..

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