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I'm a slide backed up for as little have lost a read on of the defeat of it's provia i'm very easy tied to see like the more cyclist the mall magazines will papa as people kind of discover then you passion oil field there's a big enough market to produce a new title you said when he started in two thousand eight was that i mean what was the scene like mike biking bike magazines it wish it was shot near the increase it was yeah i was shut negro both at all bid living in london for fifty the not since two thousand metres monty don't you fought was moved up to london show it'll be twenty years next year and shuttle bid kubugic had landed for life through very very next next year next autumn olga community london for twenty years now at to it's a completely completely different landscape for better on for was it's the the trouble with the increase in numbers is that it pushes functions at it also stocks but they don't show stops to push which i just wanna until all think that things all very much native change and all that has happened these the increase in lists as half but i am now hopefully the change in infrastructure change it whoa planning advice or trade general of the people's attitudes stall to happen because sings at the moment on building that quite state with the with the the clashes between different types of of what use uh i don't think that needs to be a that needs to be a mental shift of people thinking the lakes all abounded for for many reasons for on the environment for speed of people getting about.

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