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Guest, Jack Goldsmith. He writes that Trump has exposed the presidency's vulnerability to dangerous excesses of authority and dangerous weaknesses in accountability. And whether it's in January or in four years, the next president will have to reconstruct the battered presidency. Trump has left behind the book details the norms Trump has violated and recommends reforms that would hold future presidents more accountable. Goldsmith is a Harvard law professor who headed the office of Legal Counsel under George W. Bush. His co author, Bob Bauer, was White House counsel in the Obama administration and is a senior advisor to the Biden campaign. We recorded our interview this morning that's coming up on fresh air. First news. Live from NPR news. I'm Jack's fear. President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, remain locked in an extremely close race in a number of crucial swing states. NPR's Windsor Johnson reports, election officials are continuing to tally ballots across Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and North Carolina. Biden says he has no doubt that he and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, will win the presidency. He's also urging the nation to be patient as the remaining votes are being. Counted, I asked everyone to stay calm all people to stay calm processes working. The count is being completed, will know very soon. Fighting continues to lead Trump in the number of electoral votes needed to win the presidency, but the race could still go either way. In the meantime, the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Nevada, citing a lack of transparency at the polls. Similar suits filed by the campaign in Georgia and Michigan, have been tossed out by state judges. Windsor Johnston NPR News speaking at the White House night with his path to the 270 electoral votes needed to stay in office, narrowing President Trump is showing no signs of conceding the race to days after voters went to the polls. There is still no clear winner defined Trump tonight, continuing to allege voting irregularities without evidence and saying he thinks he's the winner. I'd like to provide the American people with an update on our efforts. To protect the integrity of very important 2020 election. If you count the legal votes Easily when If you count the illegal votes They can try to steal. The election from us if you count the votes that came in late Look into them very strongly. But a lot of votes came in late again. Trump's claims having no basis In fact, a federal judges rejected lawsuit filed by the campaign that Philadelphia officials were not giving Republican observers access to view the vote count. Officials in suburban ST Louis say man who worked at a polling place on election Day, despite testing positive for the Corona virus, has now died raising concerns for the nearly 2000 people who voted there. ST Charles County, Missouri spokeswoman Mary angered a news release today. So that person was an election judge supervisor the Blanchard Park Memorial Hall polling site. Officials say they learned the supervisor tested positive for the virus. October 30th was advised to quarantine for 14 days apparently ignored that advice working Tuesday. Interest rates. Sending Federal Reserve has wrapped up its two day meeting in Washington, leaving its current relax monetary policy in place and pledging to do whatever it can in coming months to help an economic recovery being threatened by the Corona virus. That policy makers not mentioned the election in which states are being counted in there, end of meeting statement. On Wall Street stocks continue to write a post election day wave The Tao of 542 points today. You're listening to NPR. Live from the news. I'm terrorists. Tyler. If you're worried about this information or even violence, threatening the legitimacy of this election, you're not alone duties. Rachel Myrow, senior editor of our Silicon Valley, Newsday's tells US hate Speech watchers are on high alert. Republicans and Democrats alike or terrified the other side is going to try to steal the election and thus vulnerable to false claims on social media. And I'm not just talking about Facebook and Twitter. Tic tac and Parlour and Telegram. Think of how many platforms you are Aware ofthe. Multiply that by 10 Oren Segal is with the Anti Defamation League, which has been busy this week, alerting law enforcement to any calls for violent action and also pressuring tech companies to do something about rogue posts. You know, this is not a time to let our guard down, and he warns whoever wins the White House. People inclined to concoct conspiracy theories will keep at it long after the rest of us have moved on with our lives. I'm Rachel Myrow kick you in the news margin. Phil Hower is leading in the race for San Francisco's Board of Supervisors District, one seat representing the Richmond district. That's according to the city's latest elections count released this afternoon. Fill our is a politically moderate candidate and a former senior adviser to mayor London Breed. Her biggest competition has been Connie Chan, Progressive Democrat and former aide to supervisor Aaron Peskin. Fill our is leading with just 87 more vote after rank Choice voting, the race remains too close to call. San.

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