Ginsburg, Berg, DC discussed on BBC Newshour


12 Times were told to care for the widow. And the orphan. This is one of the most important commandments of the Torah. It is the tourist call to action. And it is also the promise written into our constitution. As justice, Ginsburg said, and I quote Think back to 17 87. Who were we? The people? They certainly weren't women. They surely weren't people held in human bondage. A genius of our constitution. Is that now over more than 200. Sometimes turbulent years. That we has expanded. And expanded This was just a skins. Berg's life's work. To insist that the Constitution deliver on its promise. That we the people would include all the people. She carried out that work in every chapter of her life. As an advocate, arguing six times before this court. For equal treatment for women and men. As a judge on the DC circus circuit and as a justice on this court. And as a path marking role model tow women and girls of all ages. Who now know that no office is out of reach for their dreams. Whether that is to serve in the highest court of our land. Or closer to home for me..

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