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Solar a spokesman for the office looking at areas that were affected by the devastating fires in twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen in northern California we see a ten percent increase in insurer initiated non renew all the fear he says is that the trend won't top unless action is taken when you can't have access to insurance that has a a ripple effect in the real estate market and property taxes and really in the integrity of community one of the most dramatic increases in non renewals came in Nevada county in the Sierra Nevada foothills where fire restore among the most severe in the state John Byrne eyes a news ninety three point one KFBK California's teacher pension fund now wants to get in all a lawsuit seeking to change Facebook's corporate practices the California state teachers retirement system says it will ask a judge to be added to a pending lawsuit the fireman's retirement system of Saint Louis and a retail investor filed the lawsuit in August of last year following the revelation that Cambridge analytica political consulting firm had taken people's personal Facebook information without their knowledge and use it for political purposes the pension fund believes weak corporate governance practices contributed to the scandal band damage Facebook stock price Tim Lantz news ninety three point one K. if BK and Tom Sullivan an interesting comment on this earlier the thinking maybe it would they're a little too heavy handed with Facebook is if you don't like what they do don't use them don't go on it that we're asking you what do you think or do you support the lawsuit do you think it's too heavy handed what do you think okay became a calm the afternoon news with Katie o'neill's where you can find the poll a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers and business leaders are calling on the California public utilities commission to abandon a push toward an all electric economy the group held a press conference at the state capitol today to announce seventy resolutions they believe will help fight climate change without driving up energy because those of us who who are reliant on a four letter G. and all you're doing is punishing those that live in the center valley Kern county and that's assemblyman events Fong speaking about how the policy would disproportionately affect different areas of the state phone says he supports clean energy solutions like wind and solar ever find yourself out of juice needing to borrow someone elses phone charger most of the sale but cyber security experts say it's a really bad idea Charles Henderson with IBM security tells Forbes magazine some hackers have figured out how to implant charging cables with Mao where they can remotely hijacked devices and computers they even sent out free high end Chargers in the mail and just wait to see if anyone plugs then Anderson says it's not widespread yet but it works so hackers are likely to step up their game right now he says a bigger threat is U. S. B. charging stations that you see in public places like airports Veronica Carter news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. one San Francisco Bay Area school is trying to become the largest in the country to ban cell phone use in classes at the start of every school day students at San Matteo high school after slide their phones in the padded bags called yonder pouches they lock and cut off all access to phones there's one on marking tool in every classroom in case of an emergency when phones might be needed teachers like Brad Friedman say getting students to stop using phones in class he's been a huge challenge I likened it to a student who is dealing with tobacco a drug addiction the yonder bags are not unlocked until the final bell rings every day Alex stone ABC news California's US senator Dianne Feinstein hosting the Lake Tahoe summit now under way at south Lake Tahoe it is the twenty third annual event and highlights the ongoing efforts to protect and preserve California and the battles shared treasure in recent years California has experienced some of the deadliest wildfires in its history Nevada senator Katherine Cortez master tells it coal okay ello TV ad that Tahoe area has unique challenges for service had done an after action case study of some of the fires that we have seen one of them was the sugar the fire to learn from the local community what we can do better and addressing these wildfires that also what we can do a better job when it comes to that the prevention right and the restoration as well along with the suppression given to gather news and delivered the keynote address at the opening event and said climate change remains one of the most pressing issues not only for the lake but for all of California the first like Tahoe summit began in nineteen ninety seven with the help of president Bill Clinton and vice president Al Gore meanwhile something called the Tahoe forest fund has been unveiled Amy berry C. E. O. of the nonprofit Tahoe fund says it'll provide seed funding to public and the private sector to improve the health forests we thank you for your rating of private funding we can really.

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