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In your home today at five on NBC four because Alex trebek's got a beard now Colbert's got a beard now Steve Harvey's got a beard. Now, we were talking about famous beards. And and so, yeah, we're gonna get into mustaches in a couple of seconds. But I wanted to ask Vic Vic. Trucker rich sent a text and said he said the reason I was at the end of the child lines was because I was a squad leader and lower ranks got to eat. I let us guys go. I that's that's that's a very good. Sign of good leadership is what that is. Yeah. He says also ask Vic. If he had shelf, life bread or milk that didn't need to be refrigerated. I don't call. Okay. Because I'm sure I'm sure that was real tasty too. I'm sure I'm sure has no shelf life or milk that you don't need to refrigerate. I'm sure that was real tasty. I think I think you could just basically an umbrella coverage here over over food in the the troops get when they deploy in the field. If you ever have to be imprisoned. You'll probably be fine with. Transition will be. Oh, man. You know, there's some good food too in the military Chow halls. Actually, you know, where you go to training and real world bases. They've got some pretty good house. But we're talking about the food that you get in the field. Right. Yeah. It's hard to do that though. I mean, you know, you can't maintain great quality. If you're in the field. You know? Yes. Mainly about the nutrients and the calories. Need a lot of that stuff? Get that stuff in your. Yeah. Seven or eight area code Vic says I remember those green eggs, they made you question. Your choices in life. Exactly. This this person has he knows or she knows exactly what I'm talking about. Well, all right. Well, cool. So that's why he was at the end of the ChildLine. That's why he had to use the chocolate milk. It for good reason. Definitely. All right. Okay. So we're talking mustaches and Dan when when you when you think mustaches like famous best mustaches. What's what's what are the what's the first one that pops Burt Reynolds? Yeah. I think a sign of good mass dashes if it freaks you out when you don't see it. Yeah. And every time I saw him without it. It bothered me. I just could not that not handle it. I just needed to look away. So like in the longest yard. He doesn't have the mustache. He doesn't have the mustache in deliverance. Either. Yeah. I starting over. No mustache. Yeah. No. That's I mean seriously when I think mustache there are two their pop into my head immediately put Reynolds, and Tom Selleck, those are the two and Tom Selleck so much is a much more substantial mustache very much. But it says Burt Reynolds has been rocking the mustache had been rocking mustache since nineteen Seventy-three pretty much nonstop. It's lent him a roguish charm that he's used to advantage in film like in films like gator smoking in the bandit. And then Tom Selleck. Tom Selleck stash on magnum PI defined facial hair for an entire generation. And by the way, Jay Hernandez is the star of the new magnum PI. No mustache. I'm not watching it. I thought I saw goatee and some of the commercials he's got a little SCRUFF. But he's gotta have you. Gotta have your magnum PI. You gotta have the mustache. And you know, Higgins is a woman on this one. It's not John hillerman or whatever. His name was was hillerman. John hillerman was Higgins. I can't remember. Yeah. And by the way, I, you know, I've only seen seven thousand commercials for magnum PI because I watch big brother. I know I can tell you, Dan, I can tell you the entire CBS fall lineup. I can give you can give you the name of every single single show. That's coming on CBS. This this fall. Hey, go. Thanks. You've just because I watch big brother because I watch big brother live. I wouldn't you know, if I were watching it on the DVR, obviously, I would be scanning through this. But, but I I like to watch big brother live because I don't want any spoilers his, you know, somebody gets evicted. And then somebody mentioned it on my Facebook page or Vic mentioned it on the news. All right mustaches is what we're talking about. What are what are the most are the best coolest mustaches? I think we just mentioned the two pretty ultimate ones. But there are a lot more out there. Burt Reynolds who we just lost last week at clearly known for the mustache. And then of course, Tom Selleck, which is you know, that mustaches legendary. And. Dan. Do you feel the same way about Tom Selleck when he doesn't have the mustache it does seem weird. Yes. They were there were times in the show. You wrote friends where he went sans. Moustache did little weird. I, you know, we have some monitors here in the studio Dana's, you know, and one of them there's one right on the on the on the desk with me here on the counter, and that's switch to channel nine because I'll just be having it on there's so there's two monitors channel nine out another one that has a different channel another one that just has the security cameras. So that I can see Vic in the newsroom and everything else. And friends is on twice during my show late night. It's on twice and tonight. This this during the show this morning one episode had Tom Selleck on it. No stash. He also you remember the movie you've seen? Did you see the movie in and out? Yes. Looney great movie, by the way, great movie, Kevin Kline. Closet. It doesn't really realize he's gay, but he's clearly a gay teacher and he's married and he's gonna marry Joan cusak. Who by the way was nominated for an Academy Award for that performance and deserved it. 'cause he's brilliantly funny in it. No, no mustache Selleck mustache Lewis. I I would like to make the story up. And I'm gonna believe it that it was because Wilfred Brembos also in that movie is joke. Thanks parents. That's right. Feet down before they came here. Hold on a second. Dan, you wanna feel real you've seen John carpenter's the thing? Okay. Wilfred Brindley, no mustache, and that's still weird. And I've seen the thing four million times. And every time it's like, I can't believe that's Wilford Brindley. Hey, can you see if you can find I know it's out there? It's on YouTube. From my old, my favorite show, ever, Craig Ferguson, and and Jeff talking about Wilfred Brindley. Because it's it's hilarious. It's of course, it's hilarious because it was on the Craig Ferguson show. And Josh Robert Thompson doing voice of. Of jeffrey. Jeffrey Peterson the gay robot sidekick. Anyway, they talk about this encounter with they talk about Wilford Brindley. And it's it is absolutely hilarious. And I think the clip is out there somewhere if we can play that that would be. All of his appearances are coming on. So let me let me see. 'cause you're right. You're thinking of the one where at the grocery store. Right. Yeah. We sees at the salad bar. I don't know what what what are the other searches would be. Maybe Jeff the robot Wilford Bramley, if you put Jeff the robot in there that might that might change it because of course, every of course, everything that was going to pop up would be. Oh, here we go. Really great story. I was in the grocery store. I saw at the salad bar, Bradley. Bomb? Good. Helping himself to salad. I thought doesn't have diabetes. Let you. Those commercials. I want you to pick up the phone right now. Julia. I wanted to go over and say good for you. Solid because you've got. Staring at me. Photograph. Bradley. Jason man, I'm trying to eat a salad here. When you're jammed. Anyway, looked good diabetes salads the way to go. Thank you. Diabetes Wilford family's gonna keep you. Oh, man. Now that just that just made me. Sad listening listening to that just made me sad. I man God. I miss that show. That was the best show ever in the fact that I actually was a part of it for a little while. Oh my God. But that's one of the funniest things ever. Wilford Bremmer gonna kick your ass. I miss that show so much as the brilliant. Josh Robert Thompson, doing the voice of the Geoffrey Geoffrey Peterson the gay robot sidekick, and of course, the Greg Craig Ferguson, and my future ex wife was a part of that show for for a while to Danny de Lorenzo played Beth the CBS exact, and she was also the rhinoceros for a little while. So one night, actually, no. She was only go rhino for one night. Man. That's funny. Okay. For Brindley clearly on the list of mustache hall of fame. Clearly, here's a fun fact, Dan. I'm older now then Wilford Brindley was when he made cocoon. That's a fun fact for you right there. We're gonna take a break..

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