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Journal nobody has ever blacked out so many people on purpose more on that coming up in a second third world crap so got to somebody brought this to my attention the other day it's some news footage from law I believe Pennsylvania but Tom Sir bit of a different world view from yours and mine I think it's a fairly well contained self contained news report we will discuss after you listen to this that leaves are furious their brother who police say was on an armed robber was gunned down by store clerk knowledges it was he that he was wrong for Roosevelt frankly to try and rob the dollar general in North Gettysburg Avenue but they say the clerk should have having to work Russia into one Bradley say their younger brother Roosevelt Bradley was the second of ten siblings by the end of the day I don't believe my mother's day hi the yes about how what happened police say a dollar general Clark shot and killed twenty three year old was about to shoot a gun and demanded cash Wednesday when this is indicated that the weapon was pointed out that this the siblings and recognize their brother's wrongdoing but they say that still doesn't want to the card is yeah the clerk was legally allowed to have the gun meanwhile officers are looking into the possibility.

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