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Not patients, could be prosecuted for knowingly violating what would be one of the strictest laws and abortion pills in the country. It's 6 18. Back to the traffic center now in Jack Taylor. My others a few more of us on the road and it's showing Maryland trying to get into Gaithersburg running two 70 going southbound. Your immediate slowdown unfortunately begins as you approach Montgomery village avenue, the emergency worker sound that occurred a couple weeks ago with that sinkhole between Montgomery village avenue just before three 70 near the muddy branch road overpass, still blocks two right lanes three to the left will get you by so far. It's about the only delay coming out of Frederick riding all the way down toward the lane divide. Topside outer loops a little bit heavier now as you approach Georgia avenue should find nothing in your way though, we're quiet between the beltways on 95, building volume, south on the bottom of our Washington parkways, you pass one 75, headed down toward route 32. 50s in good shape between northeast and the bay bridge, east and westbound moving through Annapolis and Bowie, you're traveling. Better in Virginia now coming out of Stafford, there was a crash out of Quantico, that's gone. It was over on the right shoulder so at least now lanes open. Heavy traffic though crossing the aka Kwan coming out of woodbridge, clear lorton and newington, you're finding the Springfield up onto three 95, a work zone 66, headed west out near the Prince William parkways along the left side of the roadway. Eastbound was a little bit heavier now riding toward 29 and 28 in Centreville. We may have an incident in manassas up on sudley road two 34 business near Le Mans drive. We had had reports of a crash three 95s good Springfield north up toward the 14th street bridge without delay. So far a nice ride on four 95 between Alexandria and McLean should find nothing in your way. The closure in the district remains basically across the anacostia. Benning road closed both ways between Oklahoma avenue and anacostia avenue in northeast. This is an investigation from an overnight serious crash. Periton, doing the can't be done for national security because our way of life depends on it. Visit periton dot com for more info. Jack Taylor. Traffic. Team four meteorologist Mike center to there is ever a day I needed to be able to take the kids to the pool today. This would be it. Well, hopefully you'll get off work early enough to be able to do that. I think we're going to be dry for the next couple of hours and best chance

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