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Centuries of art has been sitting in the dark for six months waiting to show itself again on September. Twenty six that will that's when the Museum of Fine Arts says it will open to the public again with a host of new safety protocols, masks required strict social distancing, and a rethinking of which art is on display will museum meet the moment and will it be enough to recover financially after laying off one hundred people over the summer joining us now is the director of the MFA Matthew Teitelbaum, Matthew Welcome back to radio. Boston. Nice to be with you. It's great to have you and I know you have been working towards reopening for a while. Now, some other museums opened his earliest. July. Why the longer wait for the FAA and what makes you feel ready now? Well you know we took the time we needed to ensure that an old creaky building could be as welcoming and a safe as possible we were on lockdown During the period we've been closed, which means really nobody in the building we had to do it real cleaning etc after but but the real reason the deep reason is wanted to open with two special exhibitions we. Had planned them. Before we closed they were ready to go and we wanted to show them and share them with our public. The challenge was many aspects already been designed for an old audience expectation had to redesign the exhibitions. We had to create safe protocols. We had to take down laws. We had to replace some signs on the wall with bigger sign injury had to go to. Use handphones. All of those things had cascading effects and Florida's down and just interrupt if you don't mind for a minute and just asked to give our listeners the the full picture what are these two exhibits to win? Yeah. So. So so when we're GONNA Open in three phases when you first come, you'll come to the American wing. You'll see the great treasures of the American collection. You'll see women take the floor, which is an extraordinary.

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