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Going to have to assess the damage now the island taking its first directive from a categoryfour hurricane in 85 here's this is maria came very near the capital's said one that is where cnn meteorologist derek van damme has more and the stories been out in the storm that topography of puerto rico has done a number on hurricane maria it's actually squeezed out the available moisture to it we lost that moisture sourcing the ocean now the i as moved over land now we're starting to see that this center of the storm kind of collapse in on it and that's good news because that means this storm is he eventually going to start to weaken before eventually exiting off into the ocean but again that is correspondent eric van damme as he reports this morning from san juan puerto rico here in new england the effects of hurricane jose than minimal ferry services against spended o'clock island rough seas storm out on block island sound the head of mexico coast national civil defense agency says at least two 25 people now known to be judged thanks to the magnitude seven point one earthquake on tuesday before the known dead or in mexico city cnn is reporting rescues are underway at school that collapsed in the earthquake they're going to lease 25 students and teachers who killed as a result of that school collapse seen in the earthquake in mexico the deport daily news is reporting that the next generation of roadwork signs not going to have the governor's name on them one of the leaders of the successful efforts to remove the tolls on the sakonnet river bridge she questioned the legality of the governor's name be non those signed seven million dollars kotak out what the paper are going to be up here great reimburse the department of transportation's john mccain of its just a moment ago was wpro's tera granahan he says he like to see all of those signs roadwork signs the tout both future and past work done on the roads he'd like to see them taking it down hunting there's big trouble for the ceo of kaby homes jeffrey metzker caught on audio and a profane exchange with this neighbour in los angeles it neighbor just happens to live with kathy griffin huffington post chain the video among other things a c o calls group for a bald deal word which is derisive reference to.

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