Joe Biden, Florida, Abbott discussed on Bill Cunningham


What you're saying well if he gets forty percent of the vote and then they're sales for light over slick let the other to split the sixty how many died kc goes on electable elizabeth warns unelectable or joe biden unelectable or or are sanders is whatever one you put up doubt your your your you're forgetting about hillary put up i watch third denied she was on what sixty i've she was a one of the shows the night i watched her one of the interview shows and abbas on cbs morning news jayme polio watched heard this morning she's on electable but she'll get thirty percent of the vote case it get thorough the media so on fairer and then you look at all the trump shows i mean you all it like a jesse jackson koa lear samuel older hull know what what what is it why out they you know working down to houston to help out oh there's no money that hinder now they're all getting their name changed well of course in now sharpton saw daughters beaten up new york cabbies but what this does no money for the civil rights crowd there was money in new orleans because of the incompetence of raid nagin and governor kathleen blanco they quickly pin this as a racial event on bush forty three and they got it done and so far the governor's abbott and and governor of florida scott is done a tremendous job and trump has done a tremendous job think the media would give trump and republican governors credit absolutely not zero zilt nada and you haven't seen reverend alan jesse because there's no money to be made in this deal so let's continue with more if you're in the way if you're in foreign liked to.

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