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On colonial era monument street Victoria Cecil Rhodes king Leopold statues honoring these leaders of colonial rule have been pulled down over the years in Africa often countries won independence all new generations said racist relics had to go examples include a boisterous a student led campaign pressed by the university of Cape Town to remove a statue of roads and one of the statute of Britain's Queen Victoria not downtown beheaded in twenty fifteen but on the bundles in Nairobi Kenya now the headless statue lies next to explode in a downtown square I'm Charles and the late this month about eighty percent of the facilities needed for next year's postpone Tokyo Olympics have been lined up that according to the organizing committee's president news and analysis at town hall dot com in traffic we've got the answer this report is sponsored by lows in the Livermore valley east five eighty before the truck scales unknown debris that's in the second and third lane from the left not much of an impact on traffic westbound lanes the usual slow in the Altamont pass from two OO five to Northland bay bridge toll plaza a little bit of a backup developing on the coach to the tailgates but let's check the metering lights were off and no problems on the bridge into San Francisco ninety to December to bridge that is a twelve minute drive time from eighty to one a one and nine minutes on Dumbarton for highway eighty four from eighty to one a one thirty one minutes in the North Bay from Petaluma down through marina to the Golden Gate that's traffic.

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