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It's fifty three degrees in Chicago. Maybe on our way to sixty eight today. Details are still coming in about reported attacks onto oil tankers off the coast of Iran. The Wall Street Journal says to tankers with oil bound for Asia reportedly came under attack this morning in the Gulf of them on the frontline shipping company, based in Bermuda has its Fessel the front affair was on fire in the Gulf of Oman and a Singapore-based company said it's vessel. Also damaged in a suspected attack the crews of both vessels are reportedly safe, a US, Naval Forces Central command says it received to distress calls about the attacks and the destroyer is rendering assistance there on the scene. A federal prosecutor has shared with jurors grisly. Details of how a former university of Illinois doctoral student kidnapped visiting scholar from China. And then beat her to death. Defense attorneys intent on sparing their client, a possible death penalty offered an exceptional claim that he did it opening statements began yesterday in the federal death penalty trial of brendt Christensen, who's accused of killing twenty yingying Zhang an investigation is underway. Following reports that a former Saint violent or high school staff member may have sent inappropriate text messages to several students private Catholic school in Arlington heights notified police about the allegations last week. School leaders say the probe involves a former faculty member who no longer has access to the campus or their students. And those are the headlines that'll Yuji and sports there have been five game sevens in the two thousand nineteen playoffs before last night. Seventh game of the final. The home team had won all but one of those last night game seven the road team struck again. Saint Louis winning in Boston for two one to capture the first Stanley Cup in franchise history. Saying Lewis first team in the expansion era to be dead last in the. League after thirty games and go on to win the Cup. The Golden State Warriors are hoping for a game seven in the NBA finals, but first they have to win tonight in their last ever game at oracle arena against Toronto warrior star, Kevin Durant confirmed on social media that he underwent surgery for a ruptured achilles tendon suffered in game five baseball the cubs, rip the Rockies ten one of the series. Finale Davis at the dodgers tonight, the White Sox back in action tonight, hosting the Yankees will have it at six thirty. We'll talk to farmer nine forty this morning. Finding hope at the big league sponsored by the village. Bedford park building for the future yesterday. We mentioned Atta bangles resurgence at the plate at triple a Charlotte last night, the center fielder. Cut down the tying run of the plate to complete a double play an end the game, a seven six win over Syracuse David WGN's ace.

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