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Now if you happen to be a patient who is undergoing or undergone chemotherapy or bone marrow transplant how would luke kind figure in to your life so today lupines approved to treat patients with with am l acute myeloid leukemia or under a bomoh transportation transplantation and what happens in those cases is you need to enamel for instance the the cancer is against the immune system and destroying immune cells so lukashenka helped reconstitute in and rebuild your immune system when you're getting chemotherapy for treatment so you don't have an infection so effectively replaced the cells that are cancerous that are gonna kill by the chemotherapy the same is true with bomani transplantation where you have to re grow restimulate a replace that means system because many of those patients they don't die the cancer that i have infections as a result of the cancer reducing their immune system's effectiveness lucon restores the immune system so that they don't they don't suffer those facts i want to talk about the process of getting the drug appr approved by the fda because there's been talk that the fda is trying to expedite approvals in response to the to the cries for cheaper medications did you find that it was a faster process then you've heard an experienced than in the past it was a very fast process for us but but not one that's a typical today we applied for something called priority review which is available to any drug that is deemed to be important to to public health to particular treatment of condition where you really have a breakthrough therapy opportunity and so we apply for priority review in the fda granted that priority review and review the drug in essentially a six month timeframe has opposed to you know typical twelve or fourteen months what are you working on now what's in the pipeline well for luke what's exciting about it is that even therapy which is the latest in cancer is is a really important going area and lupine is a whole number of trials including a big face three in frontline melanoma today as well as in trials with cancer vaccines and in the second area.

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