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The weekend we got him as a guest on the show this week but Glen Helen you know say you know it's like conic but we'll talk about some good racing man that course one eight hundred call A. T. Yeah that was the thing then some younger listeners listen to show you probably like scratching your head like that was the thing I remember when payphones were know that we used to use you could charge long distance calls to this this Debit card thing ish that you could buy for twenty bucks at the grocery store or the convenience store yeah whole different Arab man complete different era but yes straight rhythm you know it was great to see it's great to see rocks and you know we've talked about it before but I feel like Roxanne is back you know what I mean he's out all those injuries he fought through a lot and I feel like you know we are going to see Roxana one hundred percent calm the drop of the gate at a one here next year and I am really really excited about that you WanNa talk about layers in motorsports that adds another fire to the supercross title not but you got all the writers coming up and all the new changes I think it's going to be a good time but we're gonNA take a 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to become the best and get an edge on the competition or just looking to freshen your skills behind the wheel dirt fish rally school is the I used to go for more information on registering classes visit dirt fish on the web at dirt fish dot com or to check out the latest happenings from dirt fish fall on facebook instagram and twitter at Fisher alley which here catch all the episodes of the down and dirty radio show on apple podcast and be sure to rate review and subscribe welcome back to the radio show powered by Polaris Razor all right we are we are getting about to get rowdy actually not really route he was a great interview though my good friend Brian Deegan so as you know I went out to his compound and caught up with him and got sake talk just about his entire career just I mean the fist fights the militia what was real what was not let me tell you it most ninety nine percent of it was real but you know just as his Dave Mirra yet Ellis Mania rally car racing off road trucks the stuff like Nascar late models even know Brian Deegan did Kids Family Action Sports Social Media Amazing Amazing interview so thankful Brian let me come out to and crashes compound that interview and you definitely want to watch youtube because we're going to drop that on Youtube here probably next week and I tell you what it is absolutely mind blowing so you want to check that out but you know yeah so this is a little bit of a teaser from that interview his opening kind of right off the part of the show we immediately started talking about Pastrana because that's deacons first guests on his new show they're on podcast one and Kinda steamrolled for there so this is a ten minute teaser of our hour long interview he did on project action so go and hit hit up tunes checkout project action also check out his show the Degan student insane numbers for so number one I think I think he has a really really going to enjoy You know not only this show that I did a project action but deacons new one as well so all right now we'll throw throw up this little teaser with the General Brian Deegan for project action drop this week I know you at Travis Pastrana sat down and that's one of those I think me as a fan of action sports and motorcross like in anybody like this is probably like U2 sitting at a table or over the phone like a one hour precision like that's mind blowing because I know like for the longest time people thought you guys hated each other and this and that and I like I see so many parallels between you guys and family men now and things like that I mean we want people to listen to but that would have been fun conversation for ut ass L. for sure you know I thought about okay this is my opportunity talk to people in my industry and I couldn't think of a better person like realistically that has been involved in my life at certain points in the competition in the darkest deepest moments to the pious of highs he's been around me in competing against me you know so we had moments where I hated to do like literally like I'm like I hated it that he beat me all the time and and he was the good guy we were the bad guys with the militia and it just kinda played perfect and with X. Games and TV and in the beginning yeah we really did have issue I think you know but he was a young kid I think we're just being being haters you know but now that I look back at it but it was it was real and then it kind of handout over the years right and Chavis you had to respect the guy because he's just that gnarly so you know it was cool to be able to have him on the first episode of the Deacons podcasts I just thought that was a perfect way to start it you know and episodes zero will be on that also which describes who we are if you don't really know about my family I haven't followed us on social I think there'll be a good who we are you know what I'm talking about your family do I mean we rolled up here in the first time I've been your compound in I think Josh has been here you guys did was like yard work yard work together something like that do like I roll up in this amazing shop here I mean we've got X. Games the west coast choppers bike like to me that's like the bike that I always like I can't believe I'm moving man 'cause like this pick one bike I wanted.

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