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Of your favorite artists. Never wait for weather. Get the store Teammate Forecast of the top 30 past each hour on news radio W F L A It is going to warm up quickly today, our afternoon high of 92 well above the average of 86. Of course, that heat index will be in the upper nineties. There's only a 20% chance at an afternoon early evening shower today, and the humidity begins to increase overnight with a low of 76. Tomorrow. The rain chance will be 40% in the afternoon with a high of 89 more clouds and still a 40% chance on Sunday with a high of 87 in the voting forecast today, South east winds at 10 to 15 knots I'm Maxim, Integrate Meteorologist, please span the UV index is five right now. Mostly cloudy 78 degrees in ST Petersburg, 75 Brandon And 76 your severe weather station news radio fella. Next update at 6 15 on Chris trunk man. You're listening to am Tampa Bay on news radio. Tell us L. A That's right. It is Friday on in Tampa Bay. Welcome to the six o'clock hour on the show a lot going on today. The president's son, Eric Trump will join us on this Friday in the eight o'clock hour and so, Kevin car.

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