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Com slash west good games. I don't feel like we talked about it enough on this podcast but it really is what helps keep our lights on and keeps US lovely thing going. We just uploaded some fun blogs this week and last week they are Patriot. Exclusive steamer wanted to murder a fire alarm. Co two slash fire alarm because they're all one Yuna. Anna and both of mine died yeah this week and it was not fun fun. Andrea's latest blog was her person goodbye to our studio in San Francisco so these are fun things we do once a week and we just kind of talk about whatever the hell we want and it's just a little way for us to talk about things other than video games sometimes and before we get into the news as one also ask you if you enjoy what we do here at what's good games if you wouldn't mind head over to that that little items or wherever podcast platform you like and subscribe to us and leave us a five star review that would be great because those little five star reviews offset the one-star reviews. We get like this one from lucky zero three one seven called no personality and the quote is they seem fake his got it right here she he or she got had it right. Where we are the fakest speeches you will ever meet we are we don't like actually like video games at all we know is this is money money the whole year of payment easy money? I know I tell people that have been doing this for like ten years now. I think I can make a living wage off this fan. We cause as we love it anyway so if you wouldn't mind oh this is funny. We also got a two star rating from someone he said we spent too much time is pronouncing names. Probably the Patriot list. It's absolutely the Patriot list but they're like to start reveal. Your podcast sucks. Actually they actually liked her. They liked our content. He just didn't like the fact that we you know man. They doctors three stars for that. Yeah the harsh criticism this is why we need your support friends also out to our patriotic producers Alex couples choose Godson David Gallucci Fairy Tayo okay a Ta and Muhammad Muhammad and welcome to our Patriot on community Nathan Chris Young Audrey Watson Carla Callahan Brenda Clark son of the Sun with you Stephanie Lancaster Jason Evans Tony Baraka Yeah Joe Jordan Maigo Christian weren't you oh Kayla Arendt's Saxton welcome back and David Taylor we appreciate you so so much and before we can get into the news. We want to say thank you to our sponsor this week. RECON so steiner it's two thousand eighteen and everyone needs a great pair of wireless.

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