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So i moved from colorado which was very hot and dry to the southeast which is living like in the tropics really We're living in a rental house and when we found the house we were really excited because for a rental it looks really looked. Really great on the surface. we just thought wow. We found such a treasure in this house. And i was able to set up my office in the basement which happens to have It's it's kind of a partial basement so it's got some really nice natural light and big windows and i thought oh even for a basement office. This is just great and got sat up and and started working and after living in this house for about five months I just gradually started to get sicker and sicker. And it's interesting that even though i was assisting clients who had biotoxin illness and and especially mold illness certainly some people with tick borne illnesses. Well it's almost like. I couldn't see it in myself and that rings true with people with biotoxin illness. The impact that it has on us. Neurologically can really impair our ability to think and and process information and so i certainly was becoming more cognitively impaired of myself I ended up gaining about twenty pounds almost overnight which really bothered me as a dietitian. Because i practice what i preach. Aida whole foods paleo based diet and you know big exercise fiend. And i hadn't changed anything so i'm just like where the heck did this twenty pounds come from and then as i continue to get more sick I said was like not sleeping. And i mean literally not sleeping The insomnia was horrible. then exacerbated by hot flashes And so i just continued down this decline. I had to cut my work back by at least half. I really was becoming dysfunctional. And then this profound fatigue set in where i oh most I would be sitting at my desk working. And i would get hit with this fatigue where i almost just had like lie down in the floor. I didn't have enough strength left in me to walk up the stairs and you know lie on the couch or even get in my bed and i would curl up on the floor in my office and just fall asleep for two hours you know and it was really at about that point that i just thought my gosh what is wrong with me and so i ran the the tests on myself and discovered that i had really high mold mold levels And we started it. We had our home inspected. Our landlord happened to be very much on board with that. Bear very supportive and we found some pretty significant high levels of very toxic mold growing in this house kind of underneath the surface so i ended up leaving the home for about three weeks. My husband who was not feeling the drastic health issues. And and i would love to talk about that too nick in that you can have people in the same household who one person can be very sick or a few family members very sick and then other people not sick at.

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