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Is the last time so <Speech_Male> hey verbally about <Speech_Male> this jake <Speech_Male> paul you're only give users <Speech_Music_Male> pilots i'm gonna see when <Speech_Music_Male> you believe in <Speech_Male> the jobs home <Speech_Male> exhaust homeward you're gonna <Speech_Male> you're gonna be there when he thinks <Speech_Male> up their own selling <Speech_Male> the big lead they <Speech_Music_Male> are recalling <Speech_Music_Male> feel like i <Speech_Music_Male> could still say the thing <Speech_Music_Male> if they lose in years and <Speech_Music_Male> years and years here's who is <Speech_Music_Male> ingrained in my mind <Speech_Music_Male> the point of <SpeakerChange> that is it <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> before <Speech_Male> i picked up the phone <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> if i wasn't <Speech_Male> unconsciously <SpeakerChange> confident <Speech_Male> questions <Speech_Male> <Silence> <Advertisement> how <Speech_Male> am i gonna <Advertisement> listen to understand <Speech_Male> how to apply <Speech_Male> correct <Speech_Male> and i did enough of it <Speech_Male> enough of it enough of it <Speech_Male> it completely <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> changed <Speech_Male> how <Speech_Male> i view the world <Speech_Music_Male> and another level <Speech_Music_Male> of of traction <Speech_Male> of utility because <Speech_Male> i need <Speech_Male> so many friends <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> with people that i <Speech_Male> would call at seven thirty <Speech_Music_Male> in the morning <Speech_Male> andy <Speech_Male> that ended <Speech_Male> up becoming <Speech_Male> may what a <Speech_Male> utility <Speech_Male> via useful <Speech_Male> competency <Speech_Male> so then be able to <Speech_Male> teach create more meaning <Speech_Male> in my life and <Speech_Male> others through teaching <Speech_Male> and the <Speech_Male> arts and also the reason <Speech_Music_Male> that i know so <Speech_Male> many of the interview about <Speech_Male> forty real estate <Speech_Male> owners and top <Speech_Male> performers <Speech_Male> and last year <Speech_Male> and a half over <Speech_Male> the one hundred and thirty <Speech_Male> people i interviewed <Speech_Male> dish <Speech_Male> in because <Speech_Male> of those phone <Speech_Male> calls snoop <Speech_Male> connected in <Speech_Male> connecticut and connected <Speech_Male> and then when it came down <Speech_Male> to <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> that my first workshop <Speech_Male> where i call <Speech_Male> people <Speech_Male> first down the owner <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> a live on <Speech_Male> speaker and <Silence> got appointments <Speech_Male> had conversations <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> in the whole room is like <Speech_Male> <Silence> wow like <Speech_Male> the real thing <Speech_Music_Male> endo right <Speech_Music_Male> languages live <Speech_Music_Male> the difference <Speech_Music_Male> in theory <Speech_Male> yeah and <Speech_Male> i would like <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> it's tied <Speech_Male> up rome <Speech_Male> this i did i <Speech_Music_Male> accomplished so now <Speech_Male> is never <Speech_Male> i would never interested <Speech_Male> in like selling <Speech_Male> a million hauser <Speech_Male> and i think it <Speech_Male> was like i think a lot about <Speech_Male> you know this <Speech_Male> millennial conversation <Speech_Male> or generation z <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> it's okay <Speech_Male> to learn <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> and and <Speech_Male> and not be in <Speech_Male> a rush <Speech_Male> it's like <Speech_Male> it's okay to invest <Speech_Male> sherline so learn <Speech_Male> to go <Speech_Music_Male> through the motions of learning <Speech_Male> things i think <Speech_Male> you have not been able i think <Speech_Male> you have to do that now <Speech_Male> in today's age size <Speech_Male> like you like <Speech_Male> i wanna know how to <Speech_Male> run facebook ads like <Speech_Male> my mother was googling <Speech_Male> out a run a facebook <Speech_Male> ad for a little side <Speech_Male> hustle she's working on like <Speech_Male> it's it's crazy <Speech_Male> you have everybody <Speech_Male> now has to take the <Speech_Male> time to learn these new <Speech_Male> skills and piece <Speech_Male> of technology that are coming <Speech_Male> out because if not <Speech_Male> you're literally in <Speech_Male> the cave in <Speech_Male> air would you <Speech_Male> say is okay here's your <Speech_Music_Male> pop <SpeakerChange> culture that <Speech_Music_Male> matter <Speech_Music_Male> our life <Speech_Music_Male> is <Speech_Music_Male> you'll find a platform <Speech_Music_Male> away go <Speech_Male> existed our own people <Speech_Male> do but i think <Speech_Male> they'd be relevant <Speech_Male> it's like you have to be able <Speech_Male> to quickly learned things <Speech_Male> i mean it's one of the ways we <Speech_Male> hire airport rickles <Speech_Male> like i don't care <Speech_Male> if you don't know something <Speech_Male> i care about how <Speech_Male> quickly you could learn something <Speech_Male> yeah <Speech_Male> no i don't see any people <Speech_Male> pick up spanish <Speech_Male> or mandarin come <Speech_Male> teacher you know <Speech_Male> not put under rosetta stone <Speech_Male> but they're gonna have to <Speech_Male> go through software learning <Speech_Male> something <Speech_Male> that they've never experienced <Speech_Male> before no matter how <Speech_Male> long they've been in are <Speech_Male> in are professionally have <Speech_Male> to learn quick <Speech_Male> here and <Speech_Male> you <Speech_Male> mentioned thirty <Speech_Male> days of thought <Speech_Male> yeah i feel like <Speech_Male> i've been thinking or even thirty <Speech_Music_Male> days <Speech_Music_Male> you gotta tell me <Speech_Music_Male> what thirty days <Speech_Music_Male> of falling as

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