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Stop doing this. Shit these re. He's fucking rematches isn't then we say that once you get your shot that you gotta go to the back of the fucking line Wwe woman's tag title match. You had to me defeating. She obeys anaya jacksonville again. After the match seeing that She sick and tired and blame. Reginal for their lawsuit hugged reginal and headbutted him and Yeah that's when For some reason our characters our ran out got involved in Reginald pin dissolve for the twenty twenty four seven championship. Okay United states championship match. We have shame is divided Umberto korea which is basically another match that nobody gives a fuck about career is going to be another fucking is going to be seen. His unemployment fucking papers going his way soon. Wwe champ the most controversial. I think i. I spoke about this Last episode but we'll just go through. Anyway w champion. Bobby lashley defeats keith. Lee and This is open. challenge match. Lot of people weren't happy with this. I'm going to say that. I was on the fence with it because i said in the previous episode. I think this is one of those things where you can. Just call it to say you know. Ring wasn't ready really to to wrestle as of yet but some believe that keep leasing a doghouse. Nobody knows why Maybe maybe he was the reason why people got cova. Maybe he's having issues with the the key flea trademark. Nobody knows so There's also room as a say that don't be surprised. If he's released will see if. I think that he's going to be one of those days. The way he does the bounce back he will start winning matches again or if not. It's going to be one of those instances where you know maybe sent by so nfc because you know that that that that aaa take them After that gobert comes out and says he'll face. Bobby lashley in some slammed match that nobody asks for but once again goldberg has two matches per year clause and this is the second one of the year so just be happy to say that. You're not gonna see him again. Tuxedo gin mojo said. He took away wage macintosh opportunity to win. Money in the bank Shaky then sang happy birthday to him. Drew came out of nowhere and attacked him with a steel chair. And i'm talking about. He beat the shit out of him with the chair. Like fucking drew hidden like twenty seven times without fucking chair. Apparently mick foley was not happy about that jeff. Hardy defeated the nfc champion carrying across which everybody was happy because jeff hardy got his his old team. Song back but I mentioned in the last episode as well about this. it's it's a double edged sword. It's it's more of you know you can make him a monster after losing to jeff hardy if you want maybe this is. Excuse me. maybe this is his way of coming back to raw with vengeance. Maybe there's something going to be tied to that. He's just gonna beat the fucking piss out of out of jeff so Who knows and then if jeff would have laws apply or you go again berridge of audie but ever next year we had alexa bliss. Who welcome back. Lily even maria salta lily and even fell down while even who rea- ripley charlotte via d q. And charlotte retains the role women's championship..

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