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You connected with the latest views. This is talk radio 6 80, wcbm and wcbm dot com. Good morning, It's 11 30. I'm Michael Filippelli in the 6 80 Wcbm Maryland News Center with the headlines in the news this hour. Baltimore County executive Johnny Olsavsky to introduce legislation today, creating an oversight board for the county Office of Inspector General. The oversight board would be comprised of the county attorney, the county administrative officer. A budget director, the county Council chairperson, the secretary of the County Council, and two county residents. The full council expected to vote on the measure August. 2nd, one of Baltimore's largest churches, is welcoming back the general public. The empowerment Temple reopened its doors to members on Sunday after being closed since March, 2020 at the start of the pandemic, church officials said they could have reopened earlier but decided it's member safety was of the utmost concern. A Baltimore man arrested for a December 2020 murder 28 year old Diamanti Spencer, charged with first degree murder. In the deaths of 25 year old camera Jeter and 28 year old Leah Jeter near the intersection of Old Frederick Road and cost of street. He was taken into custody without incident. Maryland State police trying to close an investigation on a Sunday night PG county traffic crash, a man was speeding and driving erratically along route 50 and crashed into the back of a RAV four. The driver and passenger ejected. Both rushed to a nearby hospital. The other driver wasn't injured, but the little girl suffered minor injuries. Wcbm news time 11 31 Sports and your Weather Channel forecast next fourth of July is here and rescue natural supplements is having a blowout Independence Day sale..

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