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Being around actually amazing people getting little insights into their real life, not as playing a game like Oh. Wow, I didn't know that that's what was going on with you. Thanks, thank you for sharing that with me. That's pretty special and I'm getting to see why you really got picked for the show and you're. You're allowing me to see that right now. So I think those are all the little moments. I kinda hang onto. Yeah, the most fun was like the first half of the merge basically like from when we merged until when Dina got voted out that that works like probably like probably probably i. Nine days basically like through Roger through Dave, and then ultimately by the time that Dina got voted out and you know I I remember the day like it all. It was that Alex and Geno we're off on her award. And you and I were with Dina and Christie. Andina started talking about how hey? Like I think we gotta make the move on Alex, and like this is not. This is not going to go great. This is not gonna go great, and then you. And I could I could see the whole thing was unraveling at that point. Yes, I would completely agree with you and you are right. Those were some of the stays in in in all those days I would I would take that. It wasn't a food challenge I. Think Food was just actually given to us like that picnic. That was made murder. Okay then yeah, that would have been my favorite moment. Just probably one I was being fed ya the two. It was again. It was a break from the game. It was just a break where you're like. Okay. Nobody's trying to strategize right now. We're just trying to eat. Right so I agree that that was my favorite. That was actually my favorite part, but I would agree with you. I didn't think about zoning out Alex Hill. Nina said it, and you could see their their. That was one of the massive plays of that game. That was a massive massive move of that Game Yeah Yup. It was a big deal t-bird. That one that one kind of set the tone I think actually for a lot of the rest and little. Dina Nell that, she would be you wish she next or was it was? It was an overreach on Dina's part because then once that really turn the tide where Deena wooden I've got voted out next, but then you started talking to Jenna and then Alex was like Hey That's it. We gotTA. DNA like Oh. Boy, this is really complicated. Yup, it was complicated because I was like. Wow, if if we were supposed to be the group. Turn on the group this early We gotta get her out yeah yeah, but then had you seen it? Like you said, unravel from there, you know. I think it would have been a little more calculated, but regardless she would have wanted Alex out. One way or the other was it was? It's what shifted. It's shifted. Everything was was Dina saying something and not not that she shouldn't have that that was definitely shift. Yeah, I think that you know. What I thought was an incredible player. Also I think she should have done was i. think had some sort of like one on ones about that instead of pitching. That's one of the things about survivor. Where you have. You have a big idea for something. That's really radical like. Don't pitch it in a group. I think that you wanted sort of like. Have those like one on one suggestions where? I if Dina says to you one on one, what do you think about voting at Alex? You can say like I. Don't know that's kind of crazy, but in a group it's harder to sort of push back. Bad idea it's it's funny. You say that so before because I knew I was getting voted out, but before I got voted out I told butch in Christie's. Next, yeah, I said I did I went to them individually, and I said I just need you know you guys are next you're. They didn't believe me. They did not believe me and they both after the show were like I. I like I would have given anything to to. Like I should have believed you. My point was okay well. I know you to our next. So why don't you guys vote with me? You guys are going to get voted out. You're going to get voted out as soon as I'm voted out. That's what's going to happen. They were so convinced. Jinnah was going to be next right and then, and then I said Okay and then what then it's going to be between Matt Rob Christine Butch then what? You know. What would your master plan after that they didn't have one. It really just didn't have one. So that's where I couldn't wrap my mind around. That is like hey, just come over with me and Gina won't get rid of everybody else. which was really just you and Matt? And then and then right then there. Heidi, then what nicer because and I and I would help. I would held onto genetic. I think what have I. Haven't asked her, but I said I I swear I'll I'll actually ask if you hold onto all that I will vote. However, you guys need me to vote. Because you believed in me enough. Yes, and I will gladly give him even even if my vote was Jenner, even if my vote was generally and I told you in the same thing. Hey, even if they everybody decides, it's meat and you guys to make it me will. You did a really great job in that. In the vote ultimately, we're Christie is going to get voted out where that you a? You really did a good job of giving her a lot to think out where that my my pitch to her was after we voted on, Alex was okay. We'll put out Genevan Heidi, and then, and then we'll go to the final four, and you were really pushing but Christie come with us. You go to the final three. and. She was she was like well crazy. She went back and forth. But but you need to get past. It would have been a three three tie. And so potentially we go to some sort of tiebreaker, which is like drawing the rocks and I. Don't know if she necessarily wanted to do that. And I think it was also important too Kristie I think she wanted to be. The last woman left at. That was like an important thing for her, and we were supposed to say hey, come with us. It's final four. You don't know what's going to happen. You'd be the last woman standing they were you know. You could say that you were you got past. Jen and Heidi and but you guys. You were making a very compelling offer to her and I think you really were in her head to the point where? She really was going back and forth. You couldn't make up her mind what she wanted to do. Well because I kept you're right, but you're very compelling I would because it was because it was real honest because I, said come with Jinnai, and she did say that you're right now three on three hundred. If you come with US get, I'll get your Matt. I'll get him to sway. And she was like I and I said all you have to do is go with me. Say Your Matt. I need your vote. They will they will I really think.

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