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Hacking group are evil with ties to Russia has launched a massive ransomware attack involving more than 200 companies are evil as the group that hit the meat supplier JBs Foods this spring. The cybersecurity firm Huntress Labs tells Fox News. They got the first alerts of an attack on Friday. American troops pulled out of their main military base in Afghanistan yesterday, leaving Bagram airbase to Afghan forces and raising questions about the country's future. The top U. S general in Afghanistan met with the Afghan president before leaving the country for an indeterminate period of time. But U. S. Defense officials insist General Scott Miller will return to Kabul to mark the end of the 20 year war. And no U. S fighter jets remain in Afghanistan. Pentagon press Secretary John Kirby said the mission continues safe, orderly drawdown enables us to maintain an ongoing Diplomatic presence, support the Afghan people and the government and prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming a safe haven for terrorism that threatens our homeland. The US will keep about 650 US troops in Afghanistan to protect the U. S embassy and help guard Kabul International Airport. Jennifer Griffin Fox News Victory for Gay Rights says The Supreme Court declines to hear an appeal by a forest find by Washington state for refusing to do business with the same sex couple. The florist attorney Kristin Wagner tells Fox News. This denial does is essentially paved the way for Washington state and the value to financially ruined bear now, But it does not set binding precedent. And so the question and the requests that we have to the Supreme Court is again to affirm this basic principle. The conservative leaning Supreme Court voted 6 to 3 to let the lower court ruling stand. I'm Carmen Roberts,.

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