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I want Optimus prime day All right. Here is your last quote And That was the head of the FDA Scott Gottlieb announcing a new rule that you can no longer sell products called what Is that. Okay Well if an, almond did lactate it. Would give no Exactly they, have decided that work All those nut Cash anything that doesn't come from an actual animal can no longer be called milk according, to the FDA not milks have become more, and more popular and apparently the FDA got mad at nuts for lying about their cleavage What if you get the cow eat the almonds I that could work this week FDA head. Scott Gottlieb announced he will ban the use of the word milk and products that aren't actual dairy milk, well former Joe at least you don't have, to wake, up, at the crack of dawn to milk the pistachios anymore what people are saying that this is due, to political pressure from the dairy industry or, as I guess we now need to call it the mammal milk industry They don't want people to buy like hazelnut milk when they. Could have the natural goodness of and this is how the FDA will define what you can now call milk quote the lack deal secretions of a bovine mammal On me Good What what day does this take effect that you can no longer titled rule they're going to impose in the next few. Weeks and then presumably by by next, year I just wonder what day it's going to be because that's the day that every coffee shop in California will close There's. Nothing left but you can still sell, them but you can call them up and we don't know what they're going to call them.

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