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Try your luck at winning the luck of the Irish giveaway he won fifty required that they have representation now is long overdue secondly if I'm elected president Mike my cabinet Michael ministration will look like the country and I commit that I will in fact appoint a pick a woman to be vice president in all likelihood all right I will talk to me it's not just about nominating a woman it is making sure that we have a progressive women and their all progressive women out there so my very strong tendency is to move in that direction I don't know what else to play because everything sort of bored me yeah it really it was I I well I'll sure why Bernie was there now Bernie double down on the fact that you know that it would but about complimenting Castro will look you know also why we we complimented China for what they do to which Joe Biden responded China's authoritarian dictatorship that's what it is we have to deal with them because they're there but the idea that they in fact have increased the wealth of people in that country it's been marginal the change has taken place it is still they have a million Uighurs a million Muslims in prison camps in the west but then again he was bumbling Joe was bumbling and stumbling last night too and I don't think it was impressive for either of them I know this it was a field day for Brad Parscale for audio cuts for future audio and video cards for future campaign ads yeah I'm I would say it is there are probably some other more dynamic moments it was a bit of a snoozer because there wasn't an audience and also because we already know who Bernie is and nobody really cares who Joe Biden is you know I mean I saw the thing with the Bernie Bros over the weekend where they came out and said flat out you're not voting for biting if he's the guy that's and you know it's it's funny because when we played you know far left podcaster Joe Rogan and he was making fun of Biden I was at last week uhhuh he's already endorsed Bernie but I mean but the question is and will I don't know if I don't know if I heard Rogan say he would never vote for Byton but you know there is a significant part of that group that won't you know they don't have to take cruise this thing they don't have to step up to the podium and say vote your conscience I'm at the at the convention July thirteenth through this through the sixteenth they don't have to do that that's kind of a given with many of them as active as that's just kinda how they act right that's how they behave I'm they don't need to be many of them don't need to be told not to vote so it's it's it's kind of a given we knew this and the question is how many in that group will hold their nose for Biden.

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