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Him gore. And that's what I call the show. Oh, plenty of them. Like all Disney shares are rocketing to an all time high in early trading after the company moved aggressively into the streaming arena Disney. Plus the streaming service launches November twelfth it'll be six ninety nine a month. Content. Includes all the Disney classics original just day it starts and I'll sign up that day me. And a lot of parents Alabi November the twelve the kids shows on Netflix now or so freaking weird. Don't let your kids if you don't know this don't let your kids wanting to next Netflix like they used to the stuff on there is so weird. He's weird Japanese animation with no story or plot. It's just it's just crazy flashing lights and lead the energy. In addition to the top line, Snow White and the seven dwarves and all the Disney classics. They are also including the full catalog of all the the past seasons of shows from their Disney channel, which is all very kid rock. So I wait three thousand episodes from their Disney channel library available on launch. And just got to one door fun game of thrones. That's true anyway door Disney's play also spend more than a billion dollars on more original content in fiscal twenty twenty just for the streaming service of it. They're looking for ideas. I got an idea got a and bear. And he's got a sidekick, oh, wait a minute. Newell of some sort of taught him you'll again talk shows meal talk is a meal a regular meal. Anything about it for a second mule. Doesn't talk. Oh mueller. Just log like a Penn and teller interesting. So they do match. I like it. I've last note TV talker. Wendy Williams is having a very tough year. She has done now with Kevin hunter Williams and hundred have been married for nearly twenty two years. They. Do you ever watched Wendy Williams, you probably haven't because you have a job? Record it sometime, you won't believe that this human being exists and has a talk show. Wow. What a strange looking character. She's her face is practically Michael Jackson territory exhibit A in the department of too much work. Yeah. She's got boobs. The size of a person with a giant head? I mean, just just it's crazy. I don't know what's going on there. And then she wears close to it. So you got this. Michael Jackson, faith, right way. Too much work the whole thing. It's nuts anyway. So she's gone off the rails, speaking of rehabs Williams served. Her husband would divorce papers at six thirty AM Thursday morning after reports broke that he and his longtime mistress welcomed their first child apparently Williams wrench into marriage. No doubt about it. Williams left the sober house. She'd been staying in to go out drinking idea you want to get drunk at the silver house lawn from my understanding she was reportedly hospitalized and is now back in the. Queens home, the sober to total one more anybody need anything anybody know. All right, there, you go that use Marshall Phillips the Armstrong and Getty show, the conscience of the nation making a view from the silver me and my Michael Jackson face are going to go down to the bar give Lammert in. Then when I'm done I'm going to come back to the sober house. Probably not completely sober then drunkenly cry with shame. But.

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