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Thirty nine after a cancer battle. She was a lead singer of the group girls aloud over in the uk after that what we talk about justin timberlake in his update in his life with the arrival of his new baby. Us back in july coming after that we're gonna be talking about beyond say and how she has turned forty this past week and basically her licey and why she is such a queen. And after that we're gonna be wrapping up with a list of co stars. Who hated working together. But we would never have known it. So let's go ahead and get on into it so sarah harding. I saw this on twitter. Actually no i saw this on e. news online. And i wanted to talk about who. Sarah harding is as a person i because people probably won't know about her since she's over from the uk. So sarah harding was born sarah. Nicole harding on november seventeenth nineteen eighty-one. She has an english singer model and actress. Who rose to fame in late. Two thousand two when she successfully auditioned for the it reality series popstars the rivals and this is kind of relevant with some topics that i've talked about in the past as far as love island because love ireland. Uk like the original. Love island is based in the k. And there's people from all over the uk on that show and it also is on tv. So i have a feeling. That's kind of like the mtv of the us em tv of the uk but mtv loss in the us if that makes sense The program announced that harding had won a place as a member of the girl group girls aloud which girls aloud is a british irish pop. Girl group that was created through the icy be talent. Show in two thousand two and it comprised seniors cheryl cole nadine coyle sarah harding nicola roberts in kimberley walsh. They achieved a string of twenty consecutive top ten singles in the united kingdom including four number. Ones they also achieve seven certified albums of two. I'm sorry of which to reach number one. They've been nominated for five awards winning the two thousand nine best single for the promise so back to sarah harding She was born in ascott. Berkshire she attended. Saint cuthbert's primary school in igam until nineteen ninety-three and she was raised with two half brothers attended hazel of high school from nineteen ninety three to nineteen ninety eight and then later attended stockport college where she studied hair and beauty. She then worked as part of the promotions team for two nightclubs in the grand central leisure park in stockport as a and as a waitresses pizza hut evanger collector in a bt telephone operator she also toured north west england performing at pubs social clubs in caravan parks to support herself into thousand two. She was recorded. She was recording dance tracks when she decided to audition for the uk. Talent search shows jettisoned for fame academy and popstars the rivals in it was in the ladder on which she found fame pulling out of fame academy after being accepted into the first round of popstars. Harding also entered. Fhm's high street. Honeys two thousand two magazines national beauty contest. Her pictures appeared in the top. One hundred harding withdrew upon achieving success. On popstars so she has a very big career after she was on this show so in two thousand two. She auditioned for the show and from that she found her band So the show actually would see the creation of two rivals roots of boy band in a girl group each consisting of five members which would then compete against each other for the two thousand and two christmas number one spot. The uk singles chart several thousand applicants attended auditions across the uk and hope of being selected. Ten girls and ten boys were chosen. Chosen as finalists by judges. Pete waterman louis walsh in jerry. Hallel these finalists than took the stage. Participating in weekly saturday night live performances Alternating weekly between the girls in the boys. Each week the contestant polling the fewest phone votes was eliminated until the final lineups of the groups emerged. Harding joined nadine coyle. Cheryl tweedy nicole roberts in kimberley walsh. She comprised the new girl group girls aloud farm. The by public vote on november. Thirty two thousand two. The group's debut single sound of the underground peaked at number one on the uk singles chart becoming the two thousand two chris number one girls aloud. Hold the record for the shortest time between formation in reaching number one and they released their album sound of the underground in man two thousand three which entered the charts at number two were certified platinum by the british phonographic industry later the same year their singles. I'll stand by you. Walk this way. And the promise have charted at number one. Two of their albums have reached the top of the uk albums chart the greatest hits album. The sound of girls aloud in two thousand eight's out of control both which entered the chart at number one with over one million copies of the former be sold. They also achieved seven certified and have been nominated for five awards when in the two thousand nine best single for the promise so in two thousand six harding signed a hundred thousand pound deal with tomato. Ultimo ultimo lingerie following. The likes of penny lancaster. Rachel hunter in helena christiansen alongside her girls log. Being maids harding was made a cameo appearance in saint trinian's in two thousand seven. She took her first major acting role in two thousand eight appearing in the low budget thriller bad day. Harding war brunette. Wake for the role of jason jennings and the film also stars don aaron claire. Goose she collaborated with the london. Sin pop band filthy dukes. On a cover of real wild child recorded for the film while child in two thousand nine girls girls aloud announced they were taking a long hiatus to pursue solo projects that would reunite for a new studio album in two thousand ten enduring that break harding at focused on her acting. Career.

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