Alan Greenspan, Mr Banenky, Zero Percent discussed on Investor's Edge


Name of alan greenspan who believed in easy money policies and at that time all it meant was lowering interest rates and keeping them down but not to zero percent i still remember when being easy was when they would take the fed funds rate down from four percent the three quarter over a six month period and that was real easy and then cambridge and we watched how we went easy and easier and in that time a bubble was created one of the biggest bubbles in history that being the housing bubble and mr banenky didn't know it was coming didn't have an idea it was coming didn't see it coming when it came did not know it was here and not until everything blow blew up did he acknowledge it and what did he do he did something we have not seen before he immediately ramp down interest rates down to zero percent zero percent zero percent now these interest rates are important why because.

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