Johnson, Michael Flynn, Senate discussed on Idaho's First Morning News


Rick worthington good morning president pushing back at criticism that he had signaled what kind of military response would be to syria's alleged chemical weapons attack on rebel held town over the weekend bob constantini points out the defense was about whether he'd written twenty four hours earlier the morning tweet from the president never said when an attack on syria would take place could be very soon or not so soon at all that's in contrast to wednesday morning when mr trump tweeted back at russia's boast that it could shoot down guided missiles with him saying they will be coming nice and new and smart as a candidate in president donald trump vowed he would never telegraph a military decision and criticized president obama for doing so but press secretary sarah sanders defending the wednesday tweet the president has not laid out a timetable and he has a number of other options as well but one option seeming more likely than any others bob costantini washington former fbi director james comey said to give his first interview since being fired by the president how strange isn't for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss the clip making the rounds before sending these going abc's just a piece of the jet with george stephanopoulos in a source there for the interview says the information combing divulge left the room stunned since being let go he's also told the senate intelligence committee that the president was asked him for a loyalty pledge in pressure him to drop the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn sierra crawford washington and finally ahead of the opening bell let's see what is happening today on wall street a lot of jitters on wall street today after president trump threatened to launch missiles into syria that sent stocks lower the dow down over two hundred points on wednesday and oil higher crew now at a three year high johnson and johnson has been ordered to pay a total of one hundred seventeen million dollars to a new jersey man who said he got cancer from the best is in the towel in jj's baby powder tesla will reportedly begin building a new suv the model y next year.

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