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Jair Bolsonaro has returned to his country after a three month stint in Florida following his election loss the right-wing populist told his supporters he does not think leftists will be in the country for long. Bolsonaro is the subject of several investigations that could thwart any attempts at a political comeback following the events of January 8th when his supporters stormed government buildings in the capital, Brasília. 9 soldiers are dead aboard two Black Hawk helicopters that crashed last night during routine training in southwestern Kentucky, those choppers were based out of fort Campbell, home of the 101st airborne. This is their deputy commander, Brigadier general John lubis. This was a training progression and specifically they were flying a multi ship formation two ships under night vision goggles at night. They're going to hear general lubis says the Blackhawks are flying a 5 four formation 5 soldiers in one chopper, four others in the second behind them. He says an army aircraft safety team from Alabama will come in to lead the investigation into the crash. A Wall Street Journal reporter was arrested on espionage charges in Russia, has pleaded not guilty in a top secret hearing that is what Russia's tass news service is reporting after American journalist Evan gerskovic was taken into custody this morning in the city of yekaterinburg. We get more from Bloomberg's Rosalind Matheson. He is an accredited reporter with the Russian foreign ministry. Someone who's been operating in this country for quite some time written a lot about Russia, including most recently, on the war in Ukraine. The question is, what was he doing on his reporting trip in this area? Bloomberg's ra's mathison reports the Kremlin accuses gershkovich of trying to gather state secrets on part of the country's military industrial complex, The Wall Street Journal says it vehemently denies the charge. Global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2700

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