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By narsingdi. This is democracy. Now i'm amy goodman juan gonzalez as we continue to look at israel's attack on gaza we're joined now longtime israeli journalist amira haas correspondent for haaretz in the occupied palestinian territories. She's the only israeli jewish journalists to have spent over twenty five years living in an reporting from gaza and the west bank. Her latest piece is headlined. Gaza lives erased. Israel's wiping out entire palestinian families on purpose amira hass welcome back to democracy now as you join us from ramallah in the west bank. Yesterday there was a general strike protests and gaza and east jerusalem inside israel in the west bank. I'm around the world of four palestinians were killed in the west bank where you are. Can you talk about the situation overall in who Well as you described it so well over the past twenty minutes or so. It's a whole it's it's it's one country where the palestinians are are being attacked on the one hand but on the other hand they are rebelling. So all over in. I think that we should not. We should not underestimate the political end military achievement of to realize israeli normal budapest days. It's it's terrible because we we think about the hill through which people in gaza live because of israeli offensive. But at the same time we have to remember that it was a calculated decision by hamas to respond to israeli escalation in in jerusalem during the ramadan month to respond by military ultimatum. And then by the launching of rockets. Which do we know. Paul bailey's in a state of fear and this is when we look we think about the balance of power it's an achievement for hamas and it is seen by meant by many a palestinian. It's a way to say to israel. You have not listened to you have not responded to palestinian requests for adjust solution for addressing palestinian demands in a in a bit diplomatique way or two palestinian popular. Armed uprisings so we escalate because you escalate. And because you don't listen. And i think this puts hamas as a as the main palestinian political actor in the region in the world and a mirror. You've been writing also about the palestinian families. Obliterated by the israeli bombings wrote in howard state the numerous incidents of killing entire families in israeli bombings in gaza parents and children babies grandparents siblings attest that these were not mistakes. The bombings follow a decision from higher up backed by the approval of military jurists. Can you elaborate on that. that's right. Israel has all the information about every palestinian family whether it is in the best west bay anc or or jerusalem or gaza let alone palestinians in israel so it has control over the palestinian a registry of population. Actually no no detail in this population. Read street is is up valid before without israeli approval so palestinians Update regularly update the israeli authorities about four or so israel must know israeli authorities and israel military must know that in a certain house there are three children one of them was born just half a year ago and they are two women and two elderly women so all these details are there and when israel decides to or the israeli army these slides to bomb such a house without bothering to tell the people to leave it. It means they take into. They have a calculation that they are military targets is more important or is worthy. Excuse my my language is once the of killing the ten children. Five and five women. It's just an example. This was correct. Heuristic of the war in two thousand fourteen. There were one hundred and forty two families which number between three to more people who are eradicated by israeli bombing and so far there were i think fifteen families in this in this current offensive. Fifteen families that were killed in a similar way so we can say may maybe once one family or to kill because they were in the wrong place at the wrong but twenties persisting and when we know that these people were killed before dawn in their own homes. Eight means that somebody just decided this is. This was okay. I wanted to ask you about the role of the united states on the one hand clearly preventing l. the un security council from censoring israel and the president biden publicly saying that israel has a right to defend himself but then his aides claiming to the press that privately. He's being a lot tougher with netanyahu telling him he's only got. His patience is wearing thin and that the the attacks have to stop. This has happened so many times in the past where the united states publicly says one thing but claims to be privately laptop for wondering your assessment of the us role right. Now you know much better than me. And i'm i must say that in the last days also i i hardly followed the international news or i most of the time following. What's what is happening in in gaza but in principle and as usual you know it is very disappointing because we've heard that in other in other terrains. The by biden ministrations lead managed to cut off from the tradition of former government former administrations. And certainly the administration of of trump. But here again. This absolute loyalty to israel tells us that they have a lot of that. All of these military military interests common interest steele's still benefit the israeli. Ah occupation machine..

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