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Help prevent wildfires assemblyman James Gallagher told KFI is the John and Ken show more money needs to be spent on replacing P. Ginny's infrastructure in northern California the stuff is old and it's sparking that you know how the lines that spark or we're having powers the collapse the bill from Gallagher and his colleagues state senator Jim Nelson would put a pause on California's renewable power mandates until infrastructure and vegetation management conditions improve a Gallagher and Nielsen by the way represent the town of paradise which was almost burned off the map in a fire last year it was California deadliest and most destructive at least one person's been hurt in a gun fight outside a market in north Hollywood police were called around nine yesterday morning for a shooting a German way in cold water police say the owner of the market got into a shoot out with the Armenian gang members would return while store employees were cleaning off the gangs graffiti and graffiti contained obscenities and demanded one hundred grand former California Republican congressman Steve knight says he's thinking about running for his old seat now that congresswoman Katy hill's resigned hill step down Sunday over allegations of relationships with a campaign aide and a staffer and the release of naked photos online I never claimed to be perfect but I never thought my imperfections would be weaponized in used to try to destroy me and the community I've loved for my entire life for that I am so incredibly sorry hill blames an abusive husband rob with a Republican opponents for the scandal she says she will not allow ourselves to be a distraction in Congress more details coming out about the death of the head of ISIS ABC's Martha Raddatz says on orders from president trump HM okay helicopters arrive to the secret compound in Syria of Abu Bakir al Baghdadi in Syria the choppers took on and returned fire what's on the ground the special operations forces blasting through a wall the front door booby trapped inside they discover their target al Baghdadi fleeing with three children into a tunnel.

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