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Lives here. This is the Paul fine bomb show our two podcast. Second hour is live. We thank you for being here and hooker joining us a little bit later on. We'll talk about his career at Tennessee and what he expects in the late April NFL Draft. He's injected high right now. Adam sparks joining us in a few minutes and chase good bread as opposed to bad bread. We'll join us later about Bama spring practice so far. Mike is up next in Georgia. Hello Mike. Hey, Paul, thanks for talking to my taking my call. I really appreciate your show. Thank you very much. Paul, Bear Bryant is a referenced a lot on your show. And I was just wondering what he would think about the U.S. Congress taking over college sports. I'd imagine he would not like it. I think he would it would be, he would not be asking their intervention. He would say, that's up to us. Why didn't we do something about this when we could have? Well, exactly. I mean, I don't know how things have gotten to this point. And it just seems like, and I can't imagine the conference commissioners are interested in having the Congress tell them what to do. It seems like somebody either needs to yeah, but you know what, you know what's interesting, they do seem to be asking Congress for intervention because even the commissioners realized that the NCAA blew it and it's not as if they're trying to do away with it. They're just trying to figure out a way to do it better. Hey, thank you very much for the call. Interesting point you made. And let's check in with Dave, who was in California. Hello, Dave. Hey, Paul. Just wanted to give a couple more reasons why we're not on top of Mount Rushmore anymore. Hey, we don't go to the Maui tournament. Anymore, that's where all the blue Bloods are. And by golly, they got a mural on us in that building in the gym. Another reason is we don't play one of our biggest rivals anymore. Indiana. And yes, we do have the best recruiting class coming in, but it's probably going to be another year of disappointment for the cat. And one more thing about the ladies game, there was a lot of teaching moment. I sat there watching that with my ten year old, whether it be the officiating or the way things went down at the end, but they are kids. Our young ladies and it was fun to watch, but I just feel there was a lot of teaching moment at the end of our game. And thanks. For putting on a good show. Thank you very much for being a part of it. Drew is up next in Virginia. Hello, drew. Hey, Paul, how are you? You're welcome. Thank you. I have three questions, and I would say if Birmingham had a Mount Rushmore, you would be on it. But the question one, do you think, as I'm a fan of you freeze, do you think he gave the SEC a boost that it needed? Two, do you think the sun belt conference could be the next ACC and the third question? I like Shane beamer and I like Q three, and I know they're talking about playing teams in their spring game. Do you think that could be another recruiting tool for them? Yes. Drew, I don't think the spring game is enough to really matter. And I'm interested to hear what free says tomorrow because I just, I think the spring game is now become just an event. It's for something to bring your kids, everybody show up on hopefully a nice day. And it's a taste of the fall. I don't think playing a substandard school, whether it's in a different division or even in a comparable one is going to be that exciting because the result doesn't matter. I mean, what are sports about? Who wins and who cares? And as far as Hugh freeze, I think that was your first question. I think yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. No, I will say go ahead. Well, no, that's just how I feel about the spring games. But in relation to freeze, I think he is given the SEC a big boost because he's made auburn better. And that was the issue with Brian harsh and we don't need to talk about who he was and whether we liked him or not anymore because he couldn't coach in the SEC. And auburn suffered and when auburn, when auburn is poor, it affects big games like Georgia like Alabama and others and that's they are a critical component of the league. Absolutely. Well, you think the SEC is ready for him? Yeah, I don't think he's transitioned very well. And I think he's going to be a factor. I mean, he's an elite coach. And that's been proven. And it's not just because of two games at all miss. Those games put him on the map. But I think his body of work at liberty was extraordinary. Thank you for the call very much. Mac is in Gainesville. You're on the air. Hold on back. Hi, Paul. Appreciate you having my call, been on several times with you. Got a couple of questions and there are about Florida and die hard gator fan. Do you think with merch coming to Florida that no record will be a little better than last year and you have to understand that with Billy's first year and there was kind of subpar and then my next question to that would be, you know, I'll let you go would be do you think Florida is going to have any playoff implications or national championships? Hopefully here in our near future. And thank you for taking my call. Thank you. I love you, sis. Bye. Well, thank you. Yeah, this is a dangerous juncture in my career. As far as as far as merch, I'm not overly enthusiastic about somebody dropping in for a year, but he could be a stopgap. And right now the Gators need that. They need some stability. They need somebody that they can trust. And they need a lot more players too. And I think Napier is doing that. I'm long past knowing how successful he'll be. I know what he's done in the past. That's often a preview or a predictor of the future and for gator fans. I hope that is the case. Let's check in with Dexter in Texas. Hello Dexter. Hey, Paul, how are you doing? Can you hear me? Yes, I can. Thank you. Okay, hey, Paul, I've told you before that in the first time I called you, I called you way back when your own college force nations seem like a thousand years ago. Wow, that was a long time. Y'all followed Eddie George and I can't remember who was a sideline reporter was that they had to show with, but I called you back then. But those Collins today got a caller a little while ago, he said, in fact, I'm going to mock him. He said, when asked to have a beating Alabama and anything and your response was probably 70s or 80s. You're pretty close to correct, well, would be Alabama bears last game.

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