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I whenever a kid does some leaves us i just wish him well i hope that he does great we're going to have a good team next year we would have liked to have him with us but we we will have a good team but did you will will not prove to be the way to go it's not going to be what kids are gonna do first of all ready to play with twenty three twenty four twenty five year old man trying it's as everybody knows it's a guard driven lead they get the ball they try they school that's looking for box scores scores but it's just not equipped for that i wish him well i hope he does great but it's just i don't think it's it'll be i think it'd be proven it's not really we'll see how that plays out going forward let's end this where we started it's masters week real quickly your prediction to put on the green jacket sunday is oh i love to see tiger do it i just don't think she's quite ready to do it but i'll tell you you gotta almost thing bubba way he's playing he's won twice there i want everybody in the country tiger woods is a phenomenon and like nothing we've ever seen in golf is really good but when he plays it's something special certainly jim and this may be one of the best masters like you said bubba rory fills back at jordan looks like it's coming into form so it's going to be a lot of fun jim we appreciate your insights not only on golf but also what's expected i in the national championship coach thank you jimmy bay with us coming up we'll talk to someone who was just named to be a hall of famer and is calling the title game tonight we'll get to that mike after this word from treks when building or replacing decades important to use materials that stand out but.

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