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I I just want to let you know how when the police stopped a black man so they walk up to the car they say Sir do you know why I stopped us an option where you have professional as a driver license give until they come back and say Sir do you live in this neighborhood I said no you come out a rather large you know play out a lot in my mind a Texas where you go I said I can't tell you when I'm gone because I tell you I get in trouble where you been I just yeah que que you there right where you need to know where you come across I said I just left your wife a demo tape that the twelve inch because dad said Maynard yeah that's why they pull job your your drive around twelve to check on him old guard hot and done weekday mornings five to ten AM on news radio okay LBJ what about John Jeffries and don prior warning just one update you on some happenings on the eight hundred block of Chestnut Street this is in the San Marcos San Marcos fire department investigating a propane tank explosion happened like a food trailer that sort of thing it was pretty loud in the maybe in a couple of a small propane tanks of one up in exploded so no evacuations no injuries but San Marcus police to say LBJ is closed at sesame drive chestnut is closed L. B. J. and forest is closed at LBJ this is in San Marcus or as they say in Taylor Texas San Marcos San Marcos it's been a rough morning Sam mark is a a bad record earlier yeah own shop and thirty five at one twenty three so it's been a little chaotic down there is that still a mess there let me look at the map US yeah but just one update you if you're seen some you know some though the flashing lights from first responders that's what's going on everybody's going to be okay it is seven forty nine here all the time to don show and also in the city of lake way they're hosting to public sessions this week on deer management helping people understand how the population impacts the area and how the city is moving forward with alternatives to which now former trapping program which caused a lot of controversy yesterday when a couple of video surfaced of deer being trapped inside nets that video right there was a mother she's didn't had lived here very long and she heard her daughter spotted one of these nets with the deer screaming and crying trying to get out of the net that is for that sparked a lot of controversy there were several Karen's that went to city hall and complex they wrote the mayor letter complaining about dear trapping being inhumane and all of that stuff but what's also in your main is allowing the deer population to get out of hand and people hit them with their cars and died themselves yeah exactly I mean this is management that has to happen it it does other what's a situation which really some would say the situation is already out of control you know but but it has to be managed somehow yeah that was I she will be tonight from six thirty to eight thirty they'll do another session tomorrow morning from nine to ten thirty yeah educating people of what they're gonna do going forward right to deal with the the growing deer population and like what and and and it is out and like way it's extraordinary has been for years but but as like wait continues to grow in the whole area continues to grow out there the deer obviously have less room to roam and on their own and safe in it and they're becoming you know more and more visible and more exposed and flourishing I did I just want to throw this out there for hunting friends out there I don't know if this is even a debatable issue deer season is limited rights yeah the end of the year there's a brief window when you can go out and shoot white tail deer should that be expanded good question I mean can it be is that something that's ever been a debatable item in the state of Texas to control the deer population a little bit more yeah I and I'm sure there are there more people the more people that that can answer that question but but whatever they cannot be allowed to just merely role more like chickens or port efforts have to be it the whole situation as to be carefully monitored carefully manage or we're gonna have a even a worse problem out there but not driving at night in that area man you have got to be completely on alert every three foot you drive yeah or or or it's it's a disaster waiting to happen and the best method is a two seventy three awaits with a nice nice scope to bring him in close yes that's the that's just my opinion efficient and I may be wrong but that's my opinion is sufficient you know that you get a lot of meat you freezer seven fifty one house Democrats they blocked an attempt by Republicans to have the whistle blower testified yesterday that impeachment enquiring public at Jim Jordan on fox just a few minutes ago he says the whistle blower should testify because that's the person complaining that started this whole this whole enquiring remember.

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