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He's the one who said you gotta with drug what they did that got him to withdraw should have done sooner year a lot sooner so kathy griffin with time today is gonna hold the press conference and of course you're the time of the one o'clock or are they might be aren't three but i think it's it said twelve o'clock california temps ob three o'clock at three o'clock kathy griffin this koutros save yourself with a press conference she's hired the most repulsive lawyer gloria allred this is our daughter lisa bloom the two of them moleleke's low snakes and they're real tabloid he the national enquirer know kinda lawyers and that's who she's hired that's not good that's a huge mistaken she should have gotten somebody with some real gravitas some real credibility some real respectability that might have helped her why do you think she needs an attorney uh i think knowing that lisa bloom lisa boom went to her tracked her down lisa boulos anything with a headline in it and i think she probably went to her think they're going to sue ye yesterday kathy griffin was saying privately this is all about trump trump bullied me try came after the new so i think they're going to file somluck superbeets donald trump so i think that's where they're going to announce some kind of action may be against donald trump his lawyers mark kasprowicz the probably the smartest best loy america against the the slimy slimest lawyer lisa bloom it'll be interesting she's doubling down and i guess yeah there's an ammonia should back off here it's not it's not going to we're going to take some calls him it will get to megan kelly which she's up to hey another major changes stores is closing down hundred stores it's we'll get to the retail crisis would get to.

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