Rocky Mount, Moscow, P. Mike Pence discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Okay well I'll call you next time by looking at my tread Congress returns this week and the Democrats are anxious to put gun control up for a vote the president wanted to create stronger background checks after the Dayton Ohio and el Paso Texas mass shootings in early August he then changed his mind after speaking with the NRA president trump is back in Washington Eddie saying that this latest attack hasn't affected his approach to combating gun vile there really hasn't changed anything we're doing a package as well see what it's all about the details of that package are still unclear after more than fifty Americans were killed in mass shootings in the month of August alone ABC's Terry Moran reporting V. P. Mike pence says the US is committed to protecting Poland from Russia during a joint press conference in Warsaw with the Polish president yesterday and said allies should quote remain vigilant when it comes to Moscow selection meddling in Europe and across the globe you stood tall. through such hardship at such great cost. against the two worst to Talla tarian regimes the world has ever known the U. S. agreed to increase its military presence in Poland after Russia's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine back in twenty fourteen there's a push to re introduce gray wolves to Colorado it's getting closer to a twenty twenty ballot measure rob that word with the Rocky Mount will faction fund says initiative one of seven would direct Colorado parks and wildlife to develop a plan to reintroduce wolves to the western slope. with the release of gray walls or the course of a few years fifteen or or sort of time probably in different parts of the state CPW in the legislature would also be directed to create a way to repay farmers who lose livestock due to the wall supporters will need to collect a hundred twenty five thousand signatures by December to get the issue on that ballot coming up the markets reopen after a long holiday weekend of the Broncos have less than a week to go before the regular season finally starts those stories in five minutes K. way news time five oh seven news brought to us by Dillard's..

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