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And about an hour away from baseball baseball. That's right. Zain brewers national feed of that's the old fashioned word. I don't know. What you call it broadcasts. God. Yes, we had. Is John and Christine guys. They're good that cut starting lineup. We're going to have had momentarily that is in the cubs right now tied for first they lose to the group crew. They've now lost eleven of the last fifteen games with the brewers including the tiebreaker. That's good. So cubs and brewers and a dead. He comes played four fewer games. Gobs of activated Xavier sedalia left-handed pitcher Allen Webster goes on the injured list yellow the five game hit streak. But you know, it's amazing. I'm pretty sure I think all of his overs this year hidden in Milwaukee. He has one road Homer. Does he have what fifteen in one? So biased has one Homer field. I believe. On the center and outfall, right? Yep. Did you don't Ernie banks at five hundred twelve home runs in his career? Never hit one to right field. That doesn't surprise me. Because he was just he hit them with a wig. The whitman. They never talking about hitting the yellow direction. I don't think you. Try baseball. Swing was right. Probably specially when wheels when bad he'd be one of those few right handed innards like pools now where they do the severe shift chef. Yeah. Yeah. What are your favorite players? Carlos pain showed about the was talking about this shift that MLB central yesterday talking about basically if you look at a Joey Gallo's, not as bad as people think average wise because of the ball the ball Jason Heyward hit yesterday. He got thrown out from media right field. It was a rocket hit the right field Schwartz out a lot. And and you know, it's because of the shift and the, hey, that's the way it isn't baseball. And what what Carlos painting was trying to show was that they don't shift like that outright fee at right handed hitters because there's basically you need to throw to the cutoff man to get the ball of the first base throws about two hundred feet route. It's crazy. So it it is a disadvantage to left handed hitters, but you know, what years ago when we played the school yard at Goodwin. You can't what do you have to you got to learn to hit it this way. So the guys play with us could Goodwin. They could've hit in the big league forms drawn. Great skull bicycle outright center and right field out. That's right. Yeah. All right. Got the lineup sin from Wrigley field. Speaking, Jason Heyward. He'll be leadoff for your Chicago. Cubs. Played right field. Kris Bryant back at third base. You got Anthony Rizzo at first by as short contrary behind the plate cows Schwab is hitting sixty field that the David voted second base. Albert bell Morris. Centerfield Cole hamels is pitching enemy. Cole hamels. Get Zack Davies Davies often Davies has a one fifty six ERA. It's the second best in all of baseball. I best is Chris panic the rookie with San Diego. He is pity. Very very well. So vote right now, if you have a moment, we'll have the results soon last chance to. That used to yell and the train would be leaving. And my Chicago White Sox actually play later on today at Ivanov. I gets Marcus Stroman to seven start Blue Jays. Beat the sacks four three yesterday sacks one free with runners in scoring position. They're bullpen though. Three and a third. No runs two hits osage berm Marshall at Mogre bombers, actually, come up and learn how to throw strikes at he's pitched very well since coming Bob from the minors for the White Sox. So he is a lefty cadet throw some heat and that walk people. So that's a good thing for the future vote right now. Whoop there it is. You know, how to I didn't know how to spell Edward. You're not spell that word. It was not high pod. So I don't know how to spell it. I thought and then e eleven said, well, you know, I think I thought it was whoop. W H O P. Yep. That's not what what's the deal. Most people believe it's that. But the song by tag team is actually said that no say look like you say host old crotchety not at all. I don't know. I haven't gotten too many barring uments of people about this. It's by tag team, and the song is called wound W H O N, P wound like that. You can barely hear the Evan there. But it's in there. I guess I like that. So you win bar bets on this. I just get in arguments with people about it. But that about that. Someone who owns a restaurant is a arrest. Would it be restaurant tour? I don't think so say it again, restaurant tours, no end. This is the thing. There's no say it restaurateurs that's hard to say. Like Therese star from back. You know, when you travel twelve miles all day long with the wagon and horses and the family I like a public house, which was rank up the street and State Street..

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