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We talked with one critic about the movies that matter to her then documentary director David Modigliani embedded with federal Rorick during his Texas Senate race. And he found similarities between grassroots politics and his own work as an indie filmmaker documentary film is a lot like a campaign in the sense that you're always sort of building the plane while you're flying it. There is something entrepreneurial. I think an independent filmmaking. That is similar to a campaign, and look at the lasting appeal of the song, California dreaming, all that coming up on the frame. The Cannes film festival wrapped up this past weekend. The awards are out and the reviews are in and Tonio Bandera won best actor for Pedro Malda Vars pain and glory, the first award given to a black female director, went to Mattie, Diop for her film, Atlantiques, and one of the most talked about films, Quentin Tarantino's once upon a time in Hollywood failed to win a single prize. We connected with Elissa, Wilkinson over Skype to get her take. She's a film reporter at FOX that Palmdale winner, which is the top prize at Cannes was Bong, Jun, Ho's parasite long is known for making films that are very much about class warfare. And this one is especially about that. It's kind of a literal is metaphor about class warfare in Korea. There was a film called back route from Brazil, and that one's about poor people into village being targeted by wealthy people. For sport. And they're trying to fight them off. There was a film called Atlantic's, which was the first film actually from a black woman to be in the main competition at Cannes, and that one's really about young Africans who are fighting back against a wealthy developer, whose not paying them for their work. So it was really a festival full of films about vulnerable people trying to figure out ways that they could gain agency. They're a couple very high profile Hollywood films, that were showing the canned film festival. One of them is rocket man, the movie about Elton John directed by Dexter Fletcher, who was the uncreditworthy director who finished bohemian, rhapsody, and then Quinn, turn Tinos film once upon a time in Hollywood. They seem like very different movies. What was your take on rocket man, and Quentin Tarantino's latest film, actually enjoyed both of these films? I think more than I was expecting to going in. I wasn't really sure what to expect about rocket man, I had seen. Some early footage that made it looked like it was going to be quite a different sort of movie from Bohemia rhapsody, which is kind of a straight head bio-pic. This one has more fantastical elements, which I think, really suit the music of Elton. John, I think, has a lot of problems is film. It's somewhat formulaic still in the way it tells Elton John's story. But it it's, it's fun. And I think that the people who see it who are fans of Elton John's music, which innocence, is most people really will come away with a better idea of where he came from and what he's all about. I also have never been a huge fan of Tarantino's movies, most of them, anyhow, but I thought once upon a time in Hollywood was maybe one of his stronger films as a piece of filmmaking. It's really about the golden age of Hollywood about Tarantino's nostalgia for in age, that, you know, has passed I'm Sharon Tate. I mean, the movie you're in this, that's me. I play miss Carlson the class. And it's also an intriguing take on the.

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