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Yeah, like no, No, no, I think Wilson and and Rahim and get another one get another young when they tried to Michael Hasty. He was tasty for basically hasty, but you can go get, you know, even get one either late in the late rounds or an undrafted free agent the way Bobby Turner's system is, and Shanahan so maybe they're gonna be run first past second and Still like the team. I still think they're gonna be why they're gonna jog into the tunnel next year in right in the mix right into I feel the same way. The way Mike Shanahan, Terrell Davis and a Hall of Fame quarter. See what I mean? Looking to rob? Well, Elway in those last years was not Elway when he was when Max and handed his most winning Elway. Yes, he was good, but he wasn't running before. He wasn't 87, John l Well, why wasn't no Dr John Elway. It was the run game and go looking after Terrell Davis copes. He had five. I did the stats for a jock block. Once during the they have five different 1000 yard rusher. Is that you some? You've never even heard off guys they had He did it with very effectively with with with a lot of different 97. Elway was still pretty good. Pretty good. Yeah. 76 3600 Passengers 27 touchdowns 11 picks Give me Jimmy G's 97. I know the game's different to 97 now, but just for fun. 2019 Jimmy G versus 1997. John Elway's understand by here. Look at this sector. 2019 don't know where we got 97 Elway against Brown versus Elway rating number, but I always wanted to ask myself how does he stack up against 97? Elway? That's right. Okay. You know what I mean. Jimmy Jimmy last year had more passengers 39 78 Jimmy last year away in his 37 37 year old Elway. Yeah, I don't know why we're doing it right. He was a Hall of Famer, but I mean, we were comparing the Shanahan's and I went, Yeah, but he also had, but no, but Shanahan's best teams. Elway was not He wasn't nothing more L Waycross away when I was, Yeah, he's best. Well, give me some more. You're cops on 20 different landscape. More passer friendly now going by the age of 37 year old John Elway completed 55% of his passes. Where is 28? Year old Jimmy Garoppolo completed nearly 70% of his past. Also different different game is different. You have to compare the q B r r rating. Just fun. Give me s r rating. Rating on Elway when he was 37 87 the year they won the Super first year the first year. What was this rating? 30 87.5. They were not in Elway driven team. They were not. It was. It was a run team. Then what was what was 102. So you know, Right? Probably, you know? Hey, listen, I've already stated my case. Nobody wants to hear it. I mean, I'm back. I'm actually okay with them coming back, Which is I am. I understand. There's something everybody would say I would go Joe Rogan on everybody. I understand. I understand. I know what you might have. In the first I understand the 2021 by the way and get away as a texture, Right Senses. How could you forget on the depth chart to stop doing stuff? How could I was wondering, just wondering. I was like we might see Rosen today There was a moron with Papa and London. I was doing an errand and pre Christmas shopping and Jim Mora Jr came on and pretend it was saying basically But the Niners had just landed the love child of Johnny United, said Joe Montana. Okay, well, I mean, listen, I know Rosen's like Rosen's A family friend of Maura Maura recruited him to U C L A. But he's like I really feel like he's found his place where he can flourish now, and I was, like, all right, all right. Well, come on in, Jack. It's hard to say Yeah. I thought maybe, but it would've been fun to see him play just a little bit in the season finale. Well, if they've Doug Peterson was your coaching, you would have seen him. Very good. Very good. All right, we got a little basket basketball talk on the other side. Tom Haver, strong national basketball writer warriors out there in their bay jerseys yesterday. Doing their thing and around the league some interesting stuff. Kevin Durant has to sit out for a week. I think the Warriors have a better record than the Brooklyn Nets. Right? That's what you get Kyra about that you are listening to the caviar morning show on camera and can be RFM. San Francisco, these sports leader. Listen back. Podcasts are available now on Spotify by searching KNBR, these sports leader. His traffic is sponsored by Cal basketball. Cal basketball is back in action at hospital Yin. Although you can't be cheering on the bears in person, Be sure to purchase your custom. California cut out inside hospital Ian all season long to purchase yours today, lock onto cal bears dot com slash cut outs. Chilton Auto Body Traffic desk. Watch out for delays on 5 80. You've got the usual stop and go heading for the Altamont coming off a westbound to will five from Mountain house to North Flynn. And then it bogs down again at first Street in Livermore that is due to a crash near Airway on westbound 5 80, although it is over on the right hand shoulder Also wanna one stacked up in the North Bay South bound in Rohnert Park Expressway. Wreck their blocking and leaks two lanes it is, but would a bumper from Wilfred Avenue. A lot of reports of thick fog this morning affecting to 80 on the peninsula parts of the North Bay parts of the South Bay as well, So just be careful out there. Bart DeLay wrapping up 10 minutes because of earlier issues in the Transbay tube. Just a minor toll plaza delay, but it's slow all the way across the westbound Baber. This report is sponsored by indeed dot com If you're hiring, you need indeed, indeed delivers quality candidates so you can focus on interviewing people with the right skills receive.

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