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Bella was only one with six twenty four thousand votes. Donald trump got more votes than edwards and david vetter got together. He got one point two million that goes to what you said the number of people that ought apathy don't care anymore. Some people just move out to state but they just discussed and we've lost a lot and we lost a lot of the people that call mirror to upper income. I want me middle class working. People that left a jobs ops. They felt like they had to leave. Goes your best and brightest and people that have become to become educated not just college but through high school and i see when i saw those numbers wow we had thirty eight thirty nine percent vote in the governor's race last time someone would discussed didn't want to vote for veterans day and that <hes> <hes> <hes> seventy one vote for a democrat in half a million one point two million people voted. I mean that's nothing two point nine million registered boat right so you apathy. Is there jane you hit it on. I mean people just don't care or they had enough sad thing about. It is had enough as doing that bothered me because they'll even so that means. If you lose a mona voting you lose them. Citizens there you childbearing people the people that start businesses dr preneurs types. I that come on what it's like. We said near chris writer but chris had to come up with this young man over here. Did somebody had to come up with this idea what he's doing. Well a lot of young people like this. Now chris not young anymore but starting these ideas and he said that you can tell him i said it too but the point venus think about what i just said if of chris rado would've said i'm leaving. He started his business in texas. Children get educated there. They stay there. They moved kids. Go off to college. They're not coming back for the most part. Better have a job because the key to keep them. He's a job in business and you want to legislate you. You tell me when we focused on really focused on jobs and the the things that we can do to keep people here. We've never i've been following this since they had wanted was to bill which and i don't remember many governors. I remembered the running two miles about jobs. Ogden businesses never happen yeah. Well rumor did that but then he only lasted one you know for me though when i was in school i'm i'm really dating myself that government paid for government paid for our tuition so i didn't have money i was in social security college but tuition was really paid for by our government and when i see where we are now where it's upside down things aren't changing are talking on your show this morning about l._s._u.'s already saying they have a three percent. That's because the numbers of students are down well. This is the thing that we're not enough students in enrolled in paying tuition. We've loss fifteen at twenty thousand students. I don't remember the number. I had it today. The university's -versities awesome in k. through twelve well. If you have less people in k. through twelve you i have less people in the colleges so what they do with the colleges i mean it takes a lot to run them. They do and do it on a roll meant would do enrollment is a downy being counted in high school and college so they can get more money coming in and <hes> but we're losing them because jobs ops people so high corley that we're losing people. We're one of only three or four stage that are losing people steal. We've been losing people but we lose them. Steal only the st louis and population. We okay we're yet. We've lost <hes> twenty seven thousand people in four years twenty-seven they put out a number eight ten thousand is twenty seven thousand five. I don't know whether you've got the tan from people that have left. That's that's that's the net migration russian counter people moving in count the people that left. That's not a good number right right. That's that's that's people looking for jobs and looking for opportunities and we lose people people to people i want to thank about. I got two kids and they live in texas. I got four grand babies where you can keep them here and i just don't think we focus on the right things and i look. I'm not trying to be a greedy selfish businessman because i don't think anybody's selfish ingredients business businesspeople. Just being reality of chris moves his business. These young people have a choice find a job similar. Go with him right. That's going to be the choice away. Chris operates. I know he doesn't just operate in louisiana so it kind of helps me this like. I don't know just operate in lafayette. Gas didn't just operate in monroe. That's helped me so bob right right. He could be anywhere with this business and i'm not saying he's gonna move but i tell you what he's got young kids that they all go to college somewhere he could. He could pick a move one day. It'd be easy six hundred. What do you see with the governor's race. You know a lot of people. I know are okay with governor edwards. They've liked the way he handled. The flood awed. He's a family man pro-life and you've got the other side of the coin. You know <hes> the economy what you want to blue prejudice. I'm probably the worst one to ask but i'll tell you. I've always said he's a one term governor. I still believe he is. I think if you look at accomplishments. I don't think he can tell you what you accomplish. Nice guy. He's good when hurricanes but if you look at he's raised a lot of taxes on people and fix nothing. There's nothing fixed budgets not even fix. We'll have the deficit next year if i'm wrong you till to give me back on a program they you looked at l._s._u. L._s._u. set with three percents short well. If you look at the commercials said we fully funded funded higher ed well which one is it <hes>. There's a lot of things that remember trump got fifty eight percent of the vote. This is red state. He got fifty eight percent last year. During a congressional congressional district fifty seven fifty eight percent of republican one david veterans not in a race. I personally liked thought he was tough but vetter was a problem yet one hundred hundred and fifty thousand people that voted against david vitit at vote republican yet another fifty thousand that did not vote as remember six twenty four right okay hearn earn fifty thousand people that didn't vote. They could not vote democrat. You got people that will come back in a feel but these i will be shocked. Ed was when i said i'll say wins at the trump. People go vote. He can't win. How do you vote for that the economy i mean we had a negative g._d._p. G._d._p. is first year negative g._d._p. Second year one point one growth in two thousand eighteen texas at three point three. I mean you start looking at that. I don't see high. I just i there are some people out there but that's all that's all out there. I admit but i think when it comes down to donald trump's gonna be here and i think he's going to be a calling card. It gets beating fifty eight forty two and if you look at the democrats statewide what and go back to mary landrieu's campaign forty four is about amac's number get an estate. Do i do think he can get a little more than that inner off off but i don't think he's more than forty six but if he gets the forty eight you still get beat and <hes> i think some of the laws are gonna catch up to campaign of saying that he funded tops. The governor was the one that presented to cut in tops. He said he funded higher in we see l._s._u. That's the flagship. No cut on you l. Anybody else feick ship. They're down three percent for the year that they said all of budget battles over employments now you can run on unemployment's down obama question would be what did you do to bring it now. Well two things that's happened here. As out migration people quit looking for jobs that will bring unemployment rate. Now was still fifth highs in the country autry. There's just too many things. I think glad when he said and done now. I've been wrong before people laughing. Would you do if you're on a darn thing. I said just you ask scored up. Think i just think there's too many things that go against him to beat them now. The other two candidates a noble fault mr ralph abraham congressman eighty responding as a personal friend redemptorist. It's all it's all family. Hint much of his family members did but he's very familiar with those guys hadn't spent a penny get right okay number two anything negative on which almost four years with the exception of me. I was the only one toews all. Let's go change when they start writing and running ads about what's really going on to send mandanas new orleans. It had midnight man rooch and so i just i still think you did what i'm telling you. It'd be will happen if i'm wrong. I'll be wrong problem with that. I've been wrong before my wife don dailey yeah. I got it right one time. One of my daughters wanted me to ask you <hes>. Who would you like to see up against trump. Which democrat do you think would be the dream candidate canada. There's so many i'll tell you what's got some looney tunes on that side. I'm sorry <hes> it people keep thinking would meet him because he's just old joe but i i don't think the democrats are gonna put up a seventy year light man. I just don't think you're gonna put him up. I think he's looking at kamala harris. I can't see elizabeth warren being the barrier either. I think it's going to be kamala harris grab of obama's wife long. I do not do really. I do think she's still a player i do. I really think she's a player. I think it's going to be somebody like that. <hes> uh trouble beating either one of those at this point but you know trump says a lot in the people i like trump would like for him to quit saying so much the flip side you get a corn. Let somebody call you nazi and a hitler and races every day with no proof. That's that's. I say no proof. That's -pinion. Tell you what i'd be. I'd fight you to try and i think what happens is. He's decided he's going to be a fighter ballroom fighter and he's gonna fight you so you got all this stuff that we've never seen but i've never seen a republican ever fight them back east terms. I mean you can't just holler racism without proven. It hurt my program. Today ed guy very nice but he said you make racial statements and he said i said it's not a racist statement at your opinion. I said you can't call me. A racist says it stick because rates. Maybe think about the real time. Racism is people that think period. We have people like that. We have people that actually do something against against somebody hurt them. Keep them from getting a job because of the color of skin. No that's racist there but because you made a comment yeah that's not ratio show that's not racism and we've reinvented it and now it's a political term that is out there every day and i hate it. Because a guy called my program i was about about the fall i laugh and i said proved then all of a sudden when i tell them to prove it they spit all over him sales and that guy was bailing out because it was proven if i am telling me because i quit my program programming and go into hiding. I thought he was brave to call you well. I've been called before but about how it works. In certain community go to the polls. He was talking. You know i'm not saying that i just i just made a fact with democratic party for many many years. This is the fact they put a lot of money on a street with some pastors not all and community organizers to go by get the black boat out. That's been going on fifty sixty years if that's not racist to say that's going on. You know if he's not going on. Somebody prove me wrong. Nobody's ever proved me wrong. Call decided no repeat he most of the time i get a call from somebody. That's an african american community and said hey i don't. I don't like what you say but you telling the truth so you know i just. I just wished we'd be a little careful with the word route. If it's really true that somebody is hurt somebody of color or off held somebody back from getting a job. Those are racism. That's races acts..

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