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Hold one we don't you know well you it is good good yes good W. O. R. T. thinks it's listener sponsors and community shares of Wisconsin the nation's first social action fund community shares connects donors with more than sixty local grassroots member groups working for social change and environmental justice gifts may be made to community shares and its many member nonprofits including W. O. R. T. through workplace giving campaigns this fall for more information community shares dot com or six oh eight two five six one zero six six Peter welcomes mandolin orange on Saturday twelve PM play circle in more mandolin orange's singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Andrew marlin and violinist guitarist will be friends they released four albums of both the folk and americana scene with their claim twenty thirteen record the side of Jordan which NPR news called bliss in beautiful Mandarin oranges for one of the four fold festival and pick up opening for mandolin orange's Swedish Icelandic female duo my Bubba mandolin orange Saturday March play circle in Wisconsin union W. O. R. T. eighty nine point nine and that.

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