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We have All that stuff. That's what i do as a spiritual formation. Just anything to help. Our students grow in their face. Yeah well part of the reason why we got connected is because of my love for discipleship and my belief and my passion for the fact that it is so important for all of us and your is actually. Put that into your program. So can you talk about discipleship program that you do with the students at northwest. Absolutely absolutely and speak for you. Courtney and i i love hearing your like go up a notch you start talking about disciples with that is and and you got the original right. The jesus was the original youth pastor. Yeah and he twelve guys in his youth group and one of them went south it so even that he jesus night see some fruit in his ministry for three years he sought. It's like people make their own decisions. We can get the logical about judas later but so our program here in a nutshell. Our discipleship program We have Community groups they meet on chapel days which is wednesdays and every week and they are groups of anywhere from five to nine students and they have a leader. If you're a freshman year leader is a junior sophomore. Year leader is a senior since we kinda grow on. It's not adult students eating. No yeah so it gets kind of passed out so those those leaders are being kinda Ruled by teachers. Okay and then all our other kids that aren't in a group aren't leaders. They're in a group with teacher so if that makes any sense i think it does a little bit. Yeah our our freshman sophomore disciple by their peers. Almost by kids a couple years ahead of them which is beautiful and messy right but you're also allowing opportunity for those that maybe don't feel comfortable leading a group you're still giving them that discipleship through teachers juniors and seniors. That was probably about about seven to ten percent of our kids will be a leader see. You're talking ninety percent are in a group get to be a junior senior. Okay i would imagine that you don't just throw those juniors and seniors into a group of freshmen sophomores in safety. Go oh my goodness we tell the kids every year. According you notice being around students when they're juniors got a freshman bunch of freshmen. They don't know each other is awkward. Every mr i can't do this. Mr garner they will listen to mr garland walk. Just relax okay. You gotta give it. You have to give it a year. Yeah you might not see any kind of relationship until they're sophomores and some of them don't wanna put in that time but any anytime we're talking about discipleship. We talked about jesus a second ago. Three and a half years invest in these guys night in bay twenty four seven We're talking about once a week. you're not gonna it takes time it takes and those kids say say course..

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