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Also added to the wall detective Derek Faulk died of a heart attack during the shooting investigation and officer Diego. Marino was hit and killed links spike strips during a police chase deputies hope this new video will catch the driver who ran over a ten year old girl at parkland. I want you to take a close look at this. Caitlyn Rogers was riding a scooter on one hundred thirteen th street south on Saturday when she was hit by the speeding SUV. She's still in the hospital with a broken leg. Helpless and shoulder. The head of school says. Rogers is keeping your spirits high. She is doing well. In the words of her mom, she's handling it. Like a champ. I guess she's been really calm through the whole event. Even when the ambulance came. Here's another shot of that SUV Pierce county. Deputies are looking for they believe it's a black Nissan Pathfinder with a missing front grille new tonight investigating the investigators attorney general William bar assigned a federal prosecutor to look into the origins of the Russia investigation. The Associated Press reports the inquiry will focus on whether the intelligence gathered on the Trump campaign was lawful and appropriate during a hearing last month bar told lawmakers he believed spying occurred, but questioned whether there was improper surveillance tonight. A US military team believes in attack on four ships off the coast of the United Arab Emirates was carried out by Iran or someone backed by Iran, the attack happened in the straighter for moves, which is a critical international shipping. Route explosives were used to blow large holes in two Saudi-owned oil tankers. One day care. You're in a Norwegian tanker. The US is warning ran could be specifically targeting that shipping. Passage and is now moving additional ships as a deterrent. Our state is now one step closer to having the first public option health insurance in our country. Governor Inslee signed the Bill into law today to create healthcare plans paid for by the state government and administered by private health. Insurers lawmakers hope that will lower healthcare costs and get more people insured. Governor also signed a Bill to protect janitors security officers and hotel housekeepers from sexual harassment and assaults. The new law offers workers sexual harassment prevention training in a panic button to keep them safe on the job. Former president Jimmy Carter is in the hospital tonight recovering from surgery to repair broken hip. A statement from the Carter Center says while he was leaving to go Turkey hunting this morning. The former president fell at his home in Georgia doctors say that surgery. What will the Carter Center says the ninety four year olds biggest concern? Is that Turkey season ends this week? And he hasn't reached his hunting.

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