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Jail a times track of notice. Well you notice. He didn't have stalls at remington park this year. He's made fun of that ship courses in and what he had to do. But you know the controversy other really well You know we try to keep. It's going to be a little tougher. Might be a little. Maybe during the early part of the week And with indiana over with yeah it it it you know. It was easier when you were a night. You know when you're running at night you you know you seek it out and and you know it was sort of spill into your you know into your lap if you were wanting to play in the evenings Talk a little bit about what we're seeing here early on in the meat because boy from a from field-sized standpoint These are you know. These are very attractive opening salvos. I think that's one of the selling points of delta downs over the years that we've been supported so well by horsemen and once the casinos came in here in two thousand and two the open up. Triple eight thirteen. Two thousand to the person have just exploded for track like this. They're they're re target find around the country track the size of these kind of purses and I think for that reason we've had a great steak schedule. you know. In the past we have to run with the jackpot million dollar race. We talked many times with that. We had hurricane that actually kinda stopped that race. Back in seventeen hurricane harvey that had all the flooding in houston and over towards this way in louisiana called it off that year then the next year that raises done away with the horse from wanted the money put somewhere else but But you mentioned the steak schedule. The first six days of the season we have a stakes race every day all four days this week and the first two days next week. And i'm telling you what if you wanna think your teeth into a good race. It's not great but it could be a great at stake saturday's delta mile which used to be run on jackpot day hundred thousand dollar purse and we have some horses in their pioneer spirit. You may know that name. He's wondering almost a million dollars. He's one church joe. He won The tenacious and he also won the fifth. Season up at oaklawn stevens. Answer one. that's rates last year. Both of those horses from dior far masino rojo another horse working on a million dollars in earnings multiple graded stakes winner from shane. Wilson's bar hunk of burning love. Carl rover throws a very talented running in their go. Look at his speech. Figures races stack so this saturday afternoon. That's going to be one heck of a race. That's the only saturday believe we run during the meat because of this holiday week and interesting and i'm just pulling it up now and i Because i saw mary ramp alenia had written about the race and I forgot to. I forgot to were printed up This is this is. there's no line yet of course but This is a nice very nice edition of this and the the the mile you talk about the jackpot and the princess and the mile was it. Did it get graded. It was well on. Its way it seemed to getting getting a great three designation Maybe when things when when things ground on the edge of being graded and then of course you know break. The card ended and we had to lower the person this year. A lot of them are lowered simply because we were closed. The casino was closed so long for covert and then the hurricane. That's caused a dent in the person's a little bit which should be back up again next year but Yeah that race over the years. There's been a heck of a a heck of a good race. I remember two thousand ten Decisive moment and gourmet dinner. Their remember those two coming from florida made for nice big seven hundred dollars. Exact and i know some guys are all over that one because surface here's much life that down there go free park west or the old home. We used to talk about that. The sabine sale. And and the fact that that David fox would bring horses kathleen o'connell and everybody that you know that had That loses show that that kind of a surface and had a horse that could get over it You could come in. I think What duke of mischief and drama. He's the one big drama eight before we wanna breeders covering. He had a heck of a career. D love this track. Absolutely and and i think i think i think David brought him back a couple of times In addition the treasure chest is is went. Friday i i want to say friday night trade to say night the treasure chest as well on friday yeah for the phillies and mayors again. That race used to be run on jackpot day as well. So that's another stack field right there. i'm looking at it on my computer here right now because i looked at the other day when they drew it It's race number eight. Yeah she's our fastest is in there. yes gorgeous. Who was very good as a young. Now that's only at seven horsfield but that may be one of those. Where like in the late. Pick four or the pick five. You'll be able to key in on something you know so little bit different there. You get a full field on saturday with the mile and all those accomplishments. So i think it's a nice mix for opening week done rundown run down some of the things You know in terms of the betting menu any innovations You know any enticing a a well priced multi-race wagers. What do people need to know. Okay well the wagering format much like it has in the past. We've found a kind of a niche there years ago. The newest thing we added was rolling daily doubles and a lot of guys wanted those. Because you get into the pick four pick threes. Let's say missed the first leg but you really like your horses and you studied the pick for you can play a pick three. We have only pick trees or the rolling daily doubles with the same horses that you did all the handicap with you have to get blown out in the first leg so rolling. Daily doubles rolling. Pick threes the early pick four starts in race one. The late pick for is we're going to have nine. Wreath programs will begin in race. Six the pick five there only be one on the car that will start in race five and of course you have the normal single race wagers exact the try that super fact that went place show so we think we have a good wagering format. It's been successful in the past and we're going to keep on with this year how about How about attendance We know fairgrounds Is has starting the season with out Patrons what's your status or right now fans will be allowed. They were allowed your this summer for the quarter horse. Meat ot be. I don't think you. I'm not sure if you can go into the ot but you can wager on simulcasting out on the track apron in the patio because they have ways around windows and television monitors out there so you can be outside social distance. Where your math do all that. Sort of thing We don't have the lookout restaurant this season of course with the daytime running on monday. Tuesday wednesday thursday probably wouldn't be well attended anyway but it is still under. Construction walked through their mama to go. And it's got it out. They're getting ready to redo the whole thing so it'll be awhile on that we do. Have the rosewater grill or rosewater. Let's say which is down on the track level and you look right out the window and you're literally twenty feet from rail. You're right there near the horses. So that's a good way to watch. We have the food court which is open to fans but yeah and the casinos opened. You just have to. You know you must wear a mask and we urge everybody to be safe and social distance but other than that right now to start the season fans will be allowed Couple of a couple of opinions may be got a couple of thoughts in ear to get people ready for tomorrow. Well let me look here. I I didn't know it was giving you picked up on your your quick There is a horse. I did like a twelve to one. I think that. Oh yeah ray. Seven number three always a catch at twelve one morning line. That's got out of writing for mr martin. The new trainer tab that one as a long shot i believe will be on the website later today and of course the stakes race tomorrow is going to be the be connected. Sixty thousand dollar raise. The stray is a really good horse. Scarlets blackjack for tommy. That's that's gonna be hard to get past. He's five to two in the morning line favorite but the six just lively nine astray in tense carpets..

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