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Week hell's has been discovered on north Carolina's Outer Banks labored cal's apparently washed up after swimming four miles to escape hurricane Dorian storm surge officials think the animals swam up to five miles during the September storm before being found near Cape lookout the cattle belong to our heard that roams freely on cedar island across the sound when Dorian generated an eight foot many tsunami it watch them and dozens of other animals away including twenty eight wild horses that die as correspondent rich Thomason a meteor streaking through the sky in Saint Louis Monday night was a basketball sized hunk of rock mass of determining the approximately two hundred twenty pound rock broke off from an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter traveling through the sky at thirty three thousand five hundred miles per hour it did eventually break up in the atmosphere more of these stories are telling all dot com for the holidays at Macy's time to shop for thousands of special surprise so low you gear up for the party see that I had with a touch of sparkle like true four hundred ninety nine dollars for him from club room how money just nineteen ninety nine and six seventy five percent off Fairfield swear collection sheet set to make the guestroom extra cozy rewards members can get that now through Sunday they just apply important bulletin regarding the secret tech stock that everyone is suddenly talking about the tech stock is set to create fifty thousand new jobs right here in America Donald Trump himself called what they're doing the eighth wonder of the world.

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