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Staring out into the wild blue young filmmaker Dalton San and Pound about love, love lack up and sending this in my He won't be around and increased is too young to be over the hill. Shoot, turning round one monsoon? No. Where's come sunset already have another beer in Mexico. You're my best waste another things already here and have another beer in Mexico. Let's go, Warman melting flew away. Sun comes up sun sink down now sing them both Miss tourists and for days in range, just trying to search myself from the answers and the Reasons why I'm at the crossroads in my life, and I really don't know. Way Mexico Way. You my best waste another day, say right here and have another beer in Mexico lends a war man mountain losing weight. You know what? Maybe settle down, get married on stay single and stay free with road traveling Still of mystery to me. Yeah, here sucks around here. Have another beer. Let's cool, then. My best waste another thing. Get ready here. We have another beer in Mexico. Oh, that's 00 man. Please. Please don't go. Okay? She's a sunset for marigold. Morning shit up a rainbow. Wait for the rain is happiness on the highway. Where is it parked in the driveway Should lean on you, baby. Shouldn't we know may be looking for comfort and looking for looking for you? Give in the kitchen. Damn beat on the top of my head up in town. Why not going there? Inches more love in a couple of questions, Demonstrators settling down in the Senate, you know, send in town. I complain a pretty done. Just see myself out with you gets it, buddy. Or someday hometown over E mail. It'll only get to know me. Yeah, love to get fancy wrapped around the world. Jim Kevin in it in the kitchen there made all the time my head of him found someone going all directions. One come in a couple of questions, and nothing's settled now. I know it's difficult, but in looking first stay away from him. With both direction one will in a couple of questions in this thing for settling down Miranda Lambert at number 29. That's called settling down, sitting in that number 29 spot for a second week in a row on the way the newest song from Jake Owen, which is probably my favorite song on the radio. Right now, we'll talk to Thomas read about his very impressive streak of number one songs. And we've got some song requests as well. Remember, you can send us your requests. Just use the hashtag country. Top 30 Heart Country Top 30. Hey, it's Bobby.

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