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John Jansen did join us, and we chatted about this report in the Big 10. How, even though earlier this month they released the schedule, then they told you six days later the season was going to be postponed. Now there's reports. That We could have big 10 football as soon as Thanksgiving. Maybe we could even have it as soon as January. 1st Here's John Jansen if he believes that the president will eventually okay this and allow football to be played in the fall in the big 10. I think it will be lucky to see big 10 football in January in any time before that. I don't see it happening to your point. What's gonna be different at the end of September or the beginning of November or the end of November? You're talking about 60 days. What changes that much in that amount of time to hold a football season starting football season. I think we're lucky to see it in January. I know people are getting excited today. And you should be like if your Ohio State that you have a shot to win a national championship with just the fields. You hear that the sport to be come back. Oh, my goodness gracious, But then you think about it. If they come back by Thanksgiving, you're not going to be a part of the college football playoff If the S E C. A. C C Big 12 have success because that college football playoff is still being scheduled to be played on Jan. One, and then the national championship game on either January. 11th orange. It is January 11th for the national championship game. Even though you're playing on Thanksgiving? Yes, there's excitement or we're going to see the sport back, maybe will be national champion. You're not going to be a.

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