Bob Reitman, Vladimir Putin, Putin discussed on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure


Breaking news center President Biden offering his take on the several hours long meeting today with Vladimir Putin in Geneva, both men saying they made progress easing tensions. But it's not clear exactly what will change. President Biden, though, says face to face talks are critical relationship that has to be stable. And predictable and it should be able to. We should be able to cooperate where it's in our mutual interest. Mr Biden said nothing about trusting Putin only that he will see what actions change in the next six months and he failed ABC News. Milwaukee radio Legend is calling it a career done a lot of things in 44 years of radio, but I've never done this and that is retired. But I am about to Jean Miller after more than 40 years, and radio will retire in early 2022. He made the announcement this morning on Wisconsin's Morning news and was surprised by his former Katie partner, Bob Reitman. I don't know anybody It was much integrity and honesty and Really very fair in the way it did News. Funny. You had it all. Another longtime radio broadcaster, Mr Baseball Bob Bucher. Even paid Gina call. I didn't get a paper Eric Bill Stead. WTMJ News. The fires out in rocked in after the chemical plant explosion Monday morning, But hundreds of people living in the area are still being kept from their homes. Moving from a fire of life safety now to an environmental life Safety With the fire now out, Winnebago County Health Dr Sandra Martell says they're lifting Some restrictions. We can now remove the mask mandate within the three mile radius.

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